As the authorities are going to vote?

In mon Alexander Lukashenko held a meeting on the election campaign. That he wished to bring the country’s head of the local vertical, the Chief Electoral Officer? Is now really react to election commission deputy candidates more loyal than during the last election? From what mechanism authorities are going to reach them suitable voting results?
Participants: Member of the Central Election Commission in an advisory capacity BPF Galina Semdyanova and vice president of the International Federation of Human Rights Ales Bialiatski.
Lukashenko that he wished to justify the local vertical?

Valery KarbalevichValery Karbalevich"Speaking at yesterday’s meeting, Alexander Lukashenko stressed that the executive branch does not interfere in the electoral process, it is held in accordance with the Belarusian legislation. Then the question arises: why this meeting was useful for Elections What Lukashenko wished to prove to the local vertical, heads of election commissions ? "
Galina Semdyanova"Please pay attention to the fact that Lukashenko said at the end of the meeting, when he noted that observers interfere in the work of election commissions will not be permitted. Other words, he fears that the observers will protest against violations of the electoral law. Lukashenka also fears that people will be outraged by these violations and come to the square.
That’s us, the members of the Central Election Commission in an advisory capacity, this meeting was not invited. From this it can be argued that there are things open a discussion, to give instructions, which are not public needs to know. "
Ales Bialiatski"Lukashenko has sent a signal to the local vertical, heads of election commissions at all levels that executive control over the electoral process will continue until the end of the election. And observers assigned the role of extras."
Or react to the election commission candidates more loyal?

Karbalevich"Lukashenko said at the meeting, said that the election commission is now treated the candidates for deputies more loyal than during the last elections. Indeed it true?"

Galina Semdyanova

Semdyanova: "The voice of loyalty to the opposition candidates just funny. Contrast, when tested signature opposition candidates, it is not a random collection was taken, as foreseen by the law, and specifically look for the letters correctly. As a result, it appeared that more letters with errors permissible norm. And on this basis, the candidates do not register. Examples can cause failure to register BPF deputy head Vyachorka and Ivashkevich. "
Bialiatski"30% of the candidates from the United Democratic Forces and the European Coalition were not registered with the majority — on formal grounds. This is a large percentage.
As a result, the number of candidates as never turned low: 2.5 per candidate place. A 15 counties — uncontested, there is only candidate from the authorities.
Although the head of state said that there is no list of candidates Lukashenko, but I declare that such a list of candidates from the authorities there. And all the administrative resources intended to support these candidates.
Unlike previous elections, when, during the election campaign committee withdrew from the election a few 10’s of candidates at the moment have not removed any of the 1st. This is explained by the fact that the authorities were afraid of a huge number of uncontested constituencies. And it could swing casts the legitimacy of these elections, which would be reincarnated in Russian farce.
I do not think that the last day counting process will be more transparent than in the previous election. Observers will be excluded from the process of observation of the vote count. "
Emphasis on premature vote
Karbalevich"This meeting at Lukashenko and comments on the program" Panorama "Belarusian television lead to a conclusion regarding the mechanism for obtaining the appropriate authorities of the result. Seems emphasis will be made on a premature vote. Early vote if 20% of voters in the environment — and their voices are usually always get the benefit

If premature ballot box dumped in the pile, it is generally hard to find confirmation of tampering.

the pro-government candidate — that he vote count in the main voting day on September 28, can be made transparent, open, you can not to obstruct the observers. If premature ballot box dumped in the pile, it is generally hard to find confirmation of tampering.
Not the case in the same gear such strong emphasis was made on the fact that voting is premature in the world, here, for example, in the United States has already begun premature vote on presidential elections. As for the voting mechanism you seen? "
Mechanisms of falsification
Semdyanova"The Election Code provides for that ballot boxes should be disclosed and considered in turn. Premature ballot box — separately, with the voting box at home — separately. They can not throw in a bunch of the total ballots.
I agree that the premature vote — is the main mechanism of falsification. This is supported and agitation. Three months we have not heard from official sources that we are elections. And now about the premature vote resemble even in public transport. Already I receive information from various places that students in droves to vote early chase.
But this is not the only mechanism of falsification. There are reports that members of election commissions given command when specifying the list of voters to cross out as many as possible, for example, those who have not opened the door, said he did not want to vote. This manipulation will provide the required turnout of 50%. Curiously, that voter lists are classified.
Another moment. The Central Election Commission decided that the document in order to vote can serve not only a passport, and a pension certificate, student ID card, driver’s car. And in these documents is not fixed, whether a person is a citizen of Belarus. As a result — can vote and not citizens of the country. Given the fact that many homes in Minsk build Russians, this factor may have an impact in the elections to some destination ".
"Lukashenko Line"

Ales BialiatskiBialiatski"Indeed moment lavlennya hand look at fraud comes out. There are several ambushes, trenches, dug the authorities to avoid unnecessary candidates for the House of Representatives.
First, the electoral commission created from reliable people. Only 0.07% of the opposition allowed in the precinct commission. And it is no coincidence.
At the last elections in premature voting was about 30% of voters. It’s all the police officers, military personnel, most of the students, a significant amount — municipal employees of companies and institutions. They do this in the voluntary-involuntary. 30% — a dark hole, it’s gold in store authoritarian regime, it is the number of votes that have candidates from power last days before the election.
And specifically in the day of elections do not allow observers to monitor the vote count. This is another barrier that made power. In sum, all these methods give the authorities 100% confidence in the election results. Created such a "line Lukashenko" that jump beyond government candida
te unreal. Because, I think, will be used the same mechanism that was used in the last election. "

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