At night in Vitebsk appeared two white-red-white flags with the signature Miron

Second white-red-white flag was also posted last NIGHT MODE. Elusive Myron was able to raise him above the Vitebsk regional court building.
Said this Vitebsk’s oldest opposition Boris Khamaida.
"Of credible sources, it became clear that the roof of the Regional Court attached white-red-white flag, and with him a note: "Thank Belarusian knight then majestically Duchy of Lithuania — the winner of the Battle of Grunwald!." And the signature — "Myron." tiny historical digression: almost six centuries ago in a battle with the Teutonic Order Grunwald about a third of the troops lay ON. Battle marked the end of two centuries Crusaders pressed for Belarusian and Lithuanian lands. "
Distinguished Battle of Grunwald was accomplished July 15, 1410. This date is now in Belarus extensively not marked. By As the last, over the long victory celebrations are not arranged like publicized celebrations "Slavic market".
While the last festival night police patrols had intoxicated teenagers watch and regulate the spontaneous movement of the crowds in the area of Freedom Square white-red-white flags unnoticed. They hung in the center of town in the sight of hundreds of passers-by until that morning.

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