Attack on Zeno Lomat: cause or resignation Sukharenka obvious hassle?

The fact that the Attorney General’s Office are investigating the case of an attack on the National Audit Office Chairman Zenon Lomat said "Freedom" procuracy official Yegor Love.
"At this point in the General Prosecutor’s really being criminal case on the assault Zenon Lomat. The attack was indeed, and the suspects were detained. It was last Thursday in Mogilev. Until no more additional disk imaging. "
Version 1: attack — local KGB provocation?
Meanwhile, non-government sources report that against Zeno Lomat Mogilev staged provocation members of the local KGB.
According to this version, several people who identified themselves as police officers used force against the chairman of the National Audit Office.
Whereupon minister Interior Vladimir Naumov sent to Mogilev to check a task force, which found that Actually Zenon Lomat acted against seven employees of the KGB and one employee of the Security Council.
Write about it and some Russian publications, namely, "Kommersant".
Version 2: watchmen hotel "overdone"
But the evidence that on Zeno Lomat Mogilev attacked KGB unavailable. The KGB this information does not comment.
Managing the press service of the National Audit Office Ira Voytik says that she had "no comment for disk imaging." According to Ms. Voytik, seek comment on Zenon Lomat it has the ability to:
"I beheld it for some number of days. His not in Minsk, he was on a business trip."
Meanwhile Minsk journalists came to inform you that in Mogilev Zenon Lomat like busted nose and a black eye.
According to other sources, the incident in Mogilev totally unrelated to politics. Tipo State control officers in including Zenon crush, sat up at the table in the room the night before Mogilev hotel. Neighbors called the guards, so unimat merry company, but watchmen "overdone."
So it or not, you can not check yet. Mogilev of eight hotels that I phoned, uttered only one that heard about a conflict with the police guests. In Mogilev police do not comment on the incident.
Evidence leads to Sukharenka?
Some observers in Belarus do not rule out that the attack on Zeno Lomat involved in the immediate resignation of the former KGB chairman Stepan Sukharenko.
According to this version, Stepan Sukharenko am a former chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee Nikolai Domashkevich to Tipo whose resignation had to do with the country’s chief auditor Zenon crush.
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