Be2Gether: This festival — a manifestation of our culture

Festival Director "Be2Gether", a recognizable figure in Lithuania showbiz sovereign Klimkyavichyus, said our radio:
"On this week We visited Belarus in Lithuania salting sovereign Drazin. We showed him how and what will be, like all organized. I think the attitude of the Belarusian authorities to us — such as friendly as our side. This festival — a manifestation of our common culture. We do not argue political categories, we spoke very clearly that it is a cultural event, and not political. "
If local Belarusians this summer with a white-red-white flags greeted the participants of the Belarusian-Lithuanian expedition in the footsteps of Count Tyshkevich on Vyal Lithuanian organizers protested and even called the police, as feared complications official Belarus.
As organizers would react if the festival "Be2Gether" students come from white-red-white flags?
"Well, you know, this flag is historic, since the Middle Ages — the sovereign states Klimkyavichyus, I would not have realized that with us in Lithuania we forbade to historical characters: it would be just amazing. We — a free country, we appreciate the freedom and the right people on different ideas. Basically, in order not to had any fascist attacks, incitement to violence, and the like, and such things as historical characters — I do not think that this problem. I hope the next will be our huge festivals for both states at the same place, but not only in Lithuania, and on the Belarusian side. And on the screen, students will be able to build in Lithuania protruding from Belarus, and Belarus — protruding from Lithuania. I hope that Lately we will have a big festival cooperative. "
In today’s festival will present music of various genres and styles: punk metal and other rock, soft rock and ska-jazz, hip-hop and hard rock, rap and reggae. Concerts will be held on 3 stages. During the festival there will be artistic and sporting events.
"This is the first such unique festival in Lithuania greater compared with those that were previously — says sovereign Klimkyavichyus. — And a special place — historically fundamental for us and our neighbors Belarusians because the lock was Norvilishkah in the geographical center of stateliness Duchy of Lithuania, and at the moment there is a geopolitical axis of the European Union, at the border with Belarus. This is really interesting and very symbolic. "
The festival uchavstvujut The world famous Lithuanian artists such as Andrews and Mamontovas "SKAMP", as a group of 10-s states: confirmed the role of the group from England ("Morcheeba", "Bloodhound Gang", "Therapy?", "The Young Knives", "Zion Train", "Joana and the Wolf", DJ Food & DK), also "Datarock" from Norway, "Leaves" from Iceland, "Poets of the Fall" from Finland, "New York Ska Jazz Ensemble" with the United States, "Myslovitz" from Poland, "DJ Alex Gopher" from France, "Tanel Padar & The Sun" from Estonia, "Tribes of the City" of Latvia, "The Young Georgian Lolitaz" from Georgia, "Model Neba" with the Russian Far East .
Expected from Belarus "Lapis Troubetzkoy", "IQ48", "Drum Ecstasy".
Giedrius Klimkyavichyus explains:
"We have a musical concept of the festival, and you know what is normal for people to be sub» impartial. So here, in our opinion, these groups can now be fascinating European audience. Because we realize that they are popular and Belarus, and will be exciting for the Belarusians, who will come. We have to show that more exciting, the best in Belarus. This is our, organizers, sub» impartial outlook. "
On the website you can find all the festival participants: all the information is there on the British and Lithuanian. The forums web site you can find satellites from different countries who are moving to the festival, there is also a forum for the Belarusians, who negotiate the best way to go.
Official Minsk horrified music festival in Lithuania, 10.08.2007 • Music combine Belarus with the European Union, 19.04.2007

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