Beijing will have to pick up medals after Chinese

The final composition of the Belarusian State team that will travel to Beijing, will be known in a year, in July 2008. Until the first half of next year Olympic selection will be held at the World Championships, European and special qualifiers.
Beijing 2008: Chinese advance triumph?
Fate usually strong Belarusian gymnasts in which iconic personalities were Vitaly Scherbo and Ivan Ivankov, venture in early September in the German Stuttgart. But perhaps for the first time recent years command headquarters worries that may not reach the principal starts chatyrohgoddya. Says head coach Victor Doylidov: "In This year Ivan Ivankov graduated act, and we have at the moment, for you honestly say, without Ivankov team much weaker. Because at the moment I have all thoughts are on the upcoming World Cup. Certainly need to get to number 12 naisilneyshy, that is one hundred percent the team get to the Olympics. This is a major task. As for the Olympics, the I think, at these Games (I’m looking for other sports) very thoroughly prepared hosts — the Chinese. And for some reason I think that this is their Olympics. Even the U.S. team in the team championship with the Chinese will fight hard. "
Take that to quit the Chinese
Among the candidates for the trip to Beijing more two years reverse were elected 300 Belarusian athletes in 25 species. In the past year contenders for a place in the Olympic composition divided into two groups — "A" and "B". 1st currently employs 168 people in 23 disciplines. This athletes really capable to fight for medals and places in credit eights. As emphasized in the National Olympic Committee (NOC) for the first of these athletes made a very excellent conditions. But, as the Vice-President of the NOC Alexander Medved, forecasts in the confrontation with the owners of the Olympics at the moment does not give any one sports federation, "Well, get, of course, something. But his Chinese take — no one hesitates. Especially since, Housing. Why not win — disassemble others. I know that even in such "not Chinese" types, like wrestling, arise from their athletes, and in the heavy athletics, gymnastics, swimming. I know that German experts at intensively went there. Chinese generally very many highly qualified professionals lured. Particularly for larger properties for the Olympics. Well, on the other hand, such a lot of people, like them, you can always choose the professional. Other way or another paadseyvayutstsa. In other words, at the moment is a very important breeding selection. Because I am convinced that the Olympics will be very exciting. But even a year ahead. And God forbid that they all finished in time. It seems that the way it is. "
Or drive to Beijing athletes tourists
While no one representation, but in the end the athletes must defend the honor of Belarus in Beijing. For example, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Kosinets said that China will go 250 athletes. Sports and Tourism Minister Alexander Grigorov believes that carry advance recognizable outsiders impractical well and very expensive. He offered a list of 170 people who demonstrate the highest measured results in the international arena. NAC bureaucrats tend to believe it must the brakes on the "golden middle" and still "run" a promising young people with an eye to the future. One year before the Olympic Games an increasing number of political demands to the official China. U.S. threatened to boycott the Olympics: the House of Representatives introduced two resolutions calling for an official boycott. With the reason that China violated human rights and Beijing support dictatorial regimes in North Korea and Sudan. Such statements voiced and France. But official Chinese authorities called the accusations baseless.

As of August 1, the year before the Olympic Games in Beijing, representatives of Belarus captured 73 licenses in 6 sports: athletics, swimming, shooting, sailing, diving and cycling.

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