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Countries with a high level of corruption named This year Somalia and Iraq. Corruption Perceptions Index 2008, now placed organization "Transparency International", emphasizes the fatal link between poverty, poor governance and graft. But the examples other states, which fell in the ranking of "Transparency International" in 2008, indicate, that control mechanisms Corruption also give failure andrichest countries.


Yuget Lyabel, chairman of "Transparency International". 

"Transparency International" defines its own Corruption Perceptions Index (Corruption Perceptions Index) for individual states based on surveys in the midst of various professionals and business representatives. The index ranges from zero (most corrupt) to 10 (country free from corruption).
This year, as in the past, surveys were conducted in 180 countries. Belarus index 2.0 151 found herself on the spot, together with Lyaosi, Ecuador, Papua newest Guinea, Tajikistan, Central African Republic, Côte d’Ivoire. In 2007 Belarus in this ranking was 150 on the spot, and in 2006 — 151.
Better position to fight corruption, according to "Transparency International", Belarus was in 2002 when it took 36th place, ahead of all other CIS countries and even Greece, Poland and Bulgaria. But we need to see that if Belarus for the first time in this international hit rating.
In This year countries with less corruption were found Denmark, newcomer Zealand, Sweden and Singapore. Belarus’ neighbors have the position: Our homeland 147th, 134th Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland 58th, Latvia 52th place.

Place Belarus Corruption Perception Index in 2002-2008 yy

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