Belarus did not have a shovel, which is only interested in sausage

In This year for the first time in the last six years, the 10-ka word "privatization" has been heard from the lips of the official Belarusian favorites as a curse. Has recognized the inevitability of frisky denationalization of large companies, and even already started this process.
How insecure can be a big privatization of state property for the government of Alexander Lukashenko?
On this question tries to answer in his own letter to our listener Ales Martinovic Baranovichy:
"If Lukashenko and allow privatization, it is only in such form as may be unsafe to warn his own power social consequences. As for external loans, to countries such as Belarus, perfectly permissible loan at 4-5 billion dollars.
Year since 2003 in Belarus there is a steady population stratification. For fifteen years fraction of unnecessary jobs very reduced, staff at most companies noticeably "shrunk".
Because I’m not even close to expect a repetition of events in Minsk from another era — May-June 1991.
First, the 1990s in the Belarusian society ninety percent selfish-dominated discourse sausage mindset (otherwise there would be no paradox Lukashenko for our region of Eastern Europe). Then Belarusian was still socialist shovel.
In 2007, all of the other: Belarusian became ugly postsovka market system with the ruler of the Latin American type. Such a mixture Stresnera Paraguay, Venezuela and Cuba Chavez Castro. However, all this is smoothed genetics northern temperamentu.
Either way, unavoidable fate pulls Belarusians in the market. Belarusians in the last fifteen years inconspicuously did not have a shovel, which requests from the authorities only sausages, and adapted to the specific market economy. In this brand new as the population is not as dangerous for Lukashenka, as it was for Malafeev Kebich and Dzemyantsey in 1991.
So that Lukashenko will hold in the form of privatization of profitable companies implementing external companies for three or four years. All will come under his control. This is not an element era (as in other countries in the midst of the 1990s), and ordinary routine.
And I do not see any kind of privatization ability hundred thousand crowd in Minsk with the so-called "defenders of property Motherland."
And the ability of such effects, sire Martinovic, Belarus seems nobody reads. Liberal opposition itself fifteen years insists on privatization of state economy.
Opposition Communists slowly but inexorably drifting in the Gulf of social democracy, and certainly did not insist on the inviolability of state ownership. So who defend municipal monopoly? Orthodox PBC?
But if its management will fall to choose between Marxist-Leninist principles and contemporary bourgeois policy of Alexander Lukashenko, it is unlikely to suspend their own choices on ideological principles.
Our listener with Konstantin Syrel Ushachi continues talking about the uniqueness of Belarusian toponymy. In his letter to the electric "freedom", he writes:
"In general, place names — a narrow and fragile thing. Possible so call street or village that the descendants will laugh and spit. Currently, not enough of the inhabitants of Brest who remembers that in their area once was — wish, believe, do not want to — farm "Name 6 condition Comrade Stalin" (deliberately not translated into whiteRussian language, because some nyageglitsa in).
I understand that Time wasabout this when given the title: try to vote against — for felling zagremit. Well, what kind of feelings can cause this title and the one who gave it, now?
But back to the capital. As far as its main street, besides everything else, it distinctive besides that, perhaps rename a record number of times.
Judge for yourself — Zakharievskaya, Russian, Adam Mickiewicz, Gavptshtrase avenue named after Stalin, Lenin Prospect, Prospect behalf Skarina — all present Independence Avenue, or part of it. Not rule out that this list is not yet completed peranaymennyav.
Me once more to the liking was our Francis Skaryna and not propagated in almost all post-Soviet towns tribute independence. In my mind, it would be enough and Minsk’s Independence Square. "
Such is, for sure, the fate of the head of the Minsk avenue: coming decades, changes in the state’s political regime — the next ruler and it seems that there is not so honored in the title of the main street of his predecessors.
In fact, many residents of Minsk, entangled in frequent renaming generally avoided here cerebral prospectus. And they say: "Went to the avenue," "Was Avenue …" — Without specifying the full name.
Our friend Nicholas davneshny Kanahovich of Pruzany considered an important phenomenon that some Belarusian politicians soon louder they say about the ability of the abolition of Belarusian independence and becoming a part of.
Listener involves so called manifesto Parfenovich — Sinitsyna, which appeared a few months back. In his letter to Nikolai Kanahovich writes on this subject:
"Persuade such people political immorality not see any sense, because they have never, until his death not usvoyut that is Motherland, will, human dignity and honor, mother tongue, covenants Protz …
I personally know a lot of immigrants from Russia, who not only built into our Belarusian society, and become real patriots revivalists, for which they greatest thanks. But many such Sinicyn you our country gave the parental roof, work, career, and instead they are helpful behave in a certain sense, the occupiers.
I like a man with the exact position of a civilian can only recommend belarushchyny hate. Guys, take the train or in a kayak — and themselves, without us Belarusians rows to the East. Maybe somewhere in Siberia for you and there is a place, as in Moscow and lacking their own minions.
If you do not stop and will be their "Manifesto" to violate the Constitution, then at some point get a summons to the General Prosecutor’s Office. After all, your actions are viewed signs state treason. "
Pay attention, Sire Kanahovich although manifesto Parfenovich — Sinitsyna caused noticeable resonance in Belarus, but none of how any significant Politicians (both opposition and official) unifying aspirations of these 2-"protesters" are not supported.
And with this gentlemen and Parfenovich Sinicyn able to make yourself boring conclusion: political capital and metropolitan generous funding they have in this field will find unlikely. And time is not the same, and the public mood completely different …
At the end of a letter from a listener davneshnego "Liberty" Anatolia Zherdeva Gomel — about the consequences of the so-called "high-speed" restoration of old buildings, which from time to time engage in Belarus:
"About 10 years backwards I visited the Ukrainian town of Kanev. Is there a temple HII century. During the eight centuries that only he may resist.
But most affected by modern pseudo-restorers who decided to spend aqua heating. Yes on Russian project, but also the hands of Russian pyantosov builders. In the end, then heating at one point came out, the substitution of the base — and the temple began raskolvatstsa apart. It was insulting to look at what the magic of the old architecture, covered metal shroud.
That’s why I was very worried that high-speed restoration of the temple of Polotsk with heating and electricity supply was talking about "Freedom". And I’m very clear act cerebral restorer, who resigned due to the intervention of officials with their chaotic bustle.
Trip to the city Cana — not very expensive. Suppose they went back and looked at the results of such "restoration."
Few would be more expensive trip to Italy, where the facilities are more than one millennium and where there is a spice that specifically know how to save such buildings. But no need to send
in limited officials, and professionals who would be able to get the desired knowledge there. "
Quite sensible observations and conclusions, sire Zherdev. And not just travel and training of single professionals needed. Belarus dire need of restoration own school system and special trusts that would masterfully were doing. Belarus has a rich architectural heritage, but saving it in almost the entire last century, almost no one did.
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