Belarus does not make sense out of the contract on ordinary weapons in Europe

Capital analyst and columnist for "The latest newspaper" Paul Felgengaver answered the question Radio Liberty, that the main problem of our homeland is the Contract of ordinary weapons in Europe.
Felgengaver: "In the main it’s Istanbul commitments — Russian presence in the CIS. This — the main problem. Main stumbling block at the moment — Moldova. Our homeland is constantly refuses to withdraw its troops from Transnistria. Both President Putin and other bureaucrats have stated that they do not recognize the right of the West to impose on Russia such restrictions. Moscow says has the right to keep its troops there. "
Radio Liberty Paul also asked Felgengavera, What Our homeland try to reach for those 150 days, which she left to vustuplennya of the decision to withdraw from the contract.
Felgengaver: "The main purpose of — to achieve ratification of the adapted version of frisky Contract of ordinary weapons, adopted at the Istanbul Summit in 1999. West of refuses, claiming that our homeland absolutely withdraw its troops from Georgia and Moldova."
And oh so Felgengaver Paul answered the question Radio Liberty, come out of this contract right behind Russia some other country?
Felgengaver: "Maybe could leave Belarus. Hardly anyone else just at the moment. And I’m not sure about Belarus, as a way out of this Agreement does not give anything in Belarus."
Our homeland came out of the Contract of everyday Armed Forces in Europe , 14.07.2007

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