Belarus remains whether the first library named after Yanka Kupala?

In the village of Bolshaya library Krakotka Slonim district I came just on the anniversary — here marked its 80th anniversary.
Head Hope Chabanenko knows what the library did in 1927, students who were studying in Vilnius. They gave her the Yanka Kupala, although Lofty Krakotka was then under Poland.
Hope argues that it was the first institution in Belarus, which is named after the famous classic. Currently in the library more than 11 thousand books.
And I ask: what prospects Vyalikakrakotskay library?
"Oh, that is the fate that awaits us … You see that our building — the roof leaks, no funds for repairs. Everybody goes to the closure of the library. Population we have not much in the village and districts," — Mrs. responsible Chabanenko.
Raisa Misko constant reader does not believe that can be lost in such a popular area of the library:
"Move her into the house, where it was in 1927. Will be different, but all the same will. Inhabitants will not allow that she was gone, it can not be. "

Larisa Repin: "A remote villages will be the mobile library"

Head of the Slonim district centralized system libraries Larisa Repin not commented information that closes library Krakottsy stateliness. It explains why there are locked in an area of the library:
"The prospect is this: we have to close neperspektyvnyya libraries contain no sense. And due to these libraries will uzbuynyatstsa so called reference library. "
Larisa Repin knows that the books closed libraries or transmit to the district in the coming rural libraries. According to her, the people in the villages do not remain without books.
"The librarian will go into the adjoining villages on bike or by car. A remote villages will be the mobile library" — says Repin.
I turned to the special regime responsible Grodno Regional Executive Committee Ludmila Kadevich to find out about the fate of rural libraries throughout the region. That’s what she said to me:
"What kind of fate read? The fate of their raschudesny. More than anything for you I will not tell."
A as for anniversary in Lofty Krakottsy, then passed it perfectly, with a concert, singing Belarusian songs.
Head first Belarusian libraries Kupala Hope Chabanenko
Today’s library building Kupala

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