Belarus — the object of harsh criticism of the Kiev Declaration

Followers of democratic movements, representing Belarus at the session of the OSCE in Ukraine, recently returned to Minsk. As chairman of the Joint said civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko, the main task was to lobby the issue in the Committee on Political Affairs and Security of the OSCE PA late last week. "And there was no precedent, so the resolution that passed through the Committee, not later adopted"- Stated Liabedzka. Now a majority vote a resolution on Belarus, which is part of the overall document, entitled" The Kiev Declaration "was approved.
Lyabedzka: "Their position was very weak"
Official delegation comprising Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Sergei Zabalotets and head of the commission in construction law and municipal Council of the Republic of Natalia Andreichik tried to prevent the adoption of the last resolution. As the Anatoly Lebedko, despite some technical advantages over the opposition, their efforts were in vain:
"Among them, with one side, had an advantage because they are specifically to participate in the discussion to defend its position on each pt. We could work exclusively on the sidelines and hope for the strength of their own arguments. Controversy was more distance between us, but if the voice, that read conference Zabolotets — say, we have no political prisoners, that we have no problems with the elections, the elections were democratic and it recorded 10’s of thousands of observers, then it’s hard to believe all those who are more or less interested in the situation in Belarus. Since the OSCE looked after and evaluate the same choice. And what about the political prisoners or stolen — it is fully known facts. And if it mikshavats, the position at their was very weak ". V. Vecherko:" For seven years — no progress "
Favourite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka recalls that the Belarusian authorities have not fulfilled the requirements of the OSCE voiced else first millennium:
"Belarus took over in 2000 at the OSCE summit in Istanbul completely certain responsibilities. This famous four conditions OSCE democratic elections, a sovereign parliament, freedom of info and the abolition of the atmosphere of terror. And Belarus reminded that neither the 1st of these fr it not fulfilled. And they called, by the way, to accept the proposals of the European Commission, which, in my opinion, is a very positive and timely step too. Though the official delegation of the House of Representatives and tried to withdraw the general piece dedicated to Belarus, or dilute it through the amendments, it is neither a no avail. How to anything except shame, did not lead their absence at the roundtable on Belarus, which was held by a group headed by Uta Zapf. "
S.Kastsyan "Resolution — one more" Chinese warning "
Said Mrs. Andreichik in his speech at the session of the OSCE stated that such opposition Belarusian friend — wrong and unfair. By Andreichik, prepyadstviya duties are in the OSCE all statesah, and democratization — is an "evolutionary process." A member of the House of Representatives Sergei Kastsyan convinced that such resolutions eurostructures give more for "internal use":
"I regard this as a 100 fiftieth" Chinese warning. " Because this entire’m totally quiet, coolly yes, for sure, as well as the entire country. It has become a tradition, they no longerwhat to say. But suppose they will engage in the development of democracy within themselves, in their own home countries, and only later will recommend what to do to us. We all witnesses, thank God, at this time we communicate, we see, know and informed: where, what and how? Because they are nothing new, it has not opened. "

16th yearly session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly held in Kiev on July 5-9. It participated about 300 parliamentarians from 56 OSCE member states.

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