Belarusian Prime Minister» career, though not back to Minsk

Most of the publications without exception state the failure of yesterday’s talks. "Belarusian Prime Minister» career, though not back to Minsk to President Alexander Lukashenko Sidorsky have to go empty-handed" — writes "Russian newspaper".
Edition draws attention on indirect criticism of the government, which sounded from the lips on Lukashenko last week, when he said: "We have at the moment a problem with payment for gas, government, kuvyrkayuchysya in talks."
According to the newspaper, yesterday after talks with Fradkov Sidorsky looked not so sluggish as indifferent to everything. The publication stresses that unlike in previous negotiations, This time Sidorsky during their not consulted on the phone with the president.
"Instead of Slavic market Lukashenko hit the European market" — an article in the "Messages" under the headline conclusions of yesterday’s talks made it not more sharply. "Sidorsky second time left Moscow with nothing. Yesterday at a meeting with Fradkov he asked, and maybe even begged republic half billion dollars — on the other" brotherly government "expects financial tragedy" — write "News."
The newspaper writes that the negative trade balance of Belarus was almost six months billion dollars, Belarusian oil factories are faced with lack of raw materials. The newspaper quoted the Belarusian economist Yaroslav Romanchuk, who believes that if Our homeland will not give credit, the Belarusian ruble devaluation expects imminent.
"Izvestia" emphasize that about Union State and almost all of the single currency and have forgotten to replace discussions about Slavic brotherhood came economy.
Belarus, on the views of the newspaper, is on the verge of economic collapse. "Izvestia" serves a fascinating statistic: over the last 10 years Belarus took from Russian loans 6 times. First three loans already repaid, according to July 1, Belarus loans blame RF 291 million bucks.
"Newspaper-independent" assessment leads Belarusian economist Misha Zaleski, whereby, "Prime» ery conditions Belarus will receive a loan, but will not pay." According to the views of professional Lukashenko will change the economic component to the military, because the transfer of military structures from Belarus to Russia will cost the Russian budget of 10-20 billion dollars.
"Kommersant" reported that during his previous visit to Moscow Sergei Sidorsky while talking about the credit he was offered lower starting prices for the planned tender for the privatization of the major petrochemical companies.
"News Time" writes that the Russian company, including "Gazprom" and "Lukoil", has long been interested by some Belarusian enterprises, namely, Mozyr refinery, "Naftan", "Polymir", "Belshina" and Grodno "Nitrogen". "It turns out that with the tightening krydytam, Fradkov’s government expects Belarus to determine when the privatization of their companies. Naturally, the most profitable for Russia criteria" — said "Time of news".

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