Belarusian-Russian gas conflict worries Europe

According to "Financial Times Deutschland", "The European Union welcomes the similar resolution of the conflict." For all that Europe does not hide concerns about the reliability of Russian energy supplies. As the newspaper writes, "the conflict between Moscow and Minsk has once again assured that Our homeland that used to use gas as a political weapon own "
German "Focus" writes: "The threat of termination of gas supply is removed from the agenda forward to. Western Europe can breathe a sigh of relief, as Belarus as a transit country to close the issue of debt. Currently Minsk pays for Russian gas at $ 100 per 1,000 cubic meters, , but less than the value that the "Gazprom" has established its customers in Western Europe … Given the right situation on the fuel market, Russian monopolist seeks to promote in every possible way to implement its own product in Germany. It offers city authorities huge industrial cities in the Ruhr and Nizhnyareynskim regions of gas twice thinner than that which they receive from their own usual supplier — German concern "Ruhrgas." Certain negotiations are already underway and are kept entirely secret "-refers to" Focus "on the regional edition of the" Rheinische Post ".

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