Belarusians can now work in Poland without a special permit

Respective resolution of the Polish authorities on the work of Belarusian seasonal workers are now required. For Belarusians work visa, according nedavneshnemu decision, signed by the Minister of Labour and Public Policy Kalyatay Anna, currently has only enough invitations from the Polish employer. Citizens of Belarus such makarom can legally work in Poland for three months, and this period may be extended for the next quarter. Configuration in Polish law relating to first seasonal workers, students and journalists.
The decision of the Polish government will add conviction dismissed on political grounds
In Poland, employs many workers from Eastern Europe, including and Belarusians. One of them — the last member of the Supreme Council of the opposition Popular Front of Vawkavysk Nicholas Velvet. Within the framework of assistance programs from the politically repressed in Belarus for several months he worked in construction in Warsaw:

M.Aksamit: "People who work at home will lose politically motivated, already have some assurance that it is not so scary."

"What didand permission for three months — it is excellent. People who work at home will lose politically motivated, already have some assurance that it is not so scary. After all, if you lost a job in Belarus, it’s all over. The only thing, that it’s only been honest company. After all, there enough companies who take on the job, and the funds are not willing to pay. There is such, unfortunately, we are also faced with. "
Nicholas Velvet hopes that the official abolition of work permits for workers from the eastern Polish authorities will make their position more specific.
Polish Ministry of Labour: we do not have the workers and professionals
The Ministry of Labour Poland explain such an indulgence for Eastern workers that their country lacks specific professionals in construction, agriculture and others. Indeed, many Poles who worked in these areas, went to work in the West.
Last Labour Minister Alexander Sasnou welcomes the decision of the Polish authorities. But he does not believe that the elimination of work permits will cause the exodus of Belarusian workers to work in Poland:

A.Sasnov: "There may be young to go. Who wishes of the young to work so? Is that only in the construction."

"Working in Poland prettier than working on farms in Belarus. Tam and more funds. But in-1’s, part of the Poles are not very well applies to migrant workers. They consider their inferiors. And second — the one who can work in the Belarusian agriculture Zatsyukany such that there will not attend. way the young can go. Who wishes of the young to work so? Is that only in the construction. "
Unfortunately, failed to obtain any additional disk imaging on this topic nor with the Polish Ministry of Labour, with no representation this country in Minsk. Because it is not clear already Belarusians get work visas under the new rules.
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