Belarusians that gaze through 600 thousand satellite dishes?

Belarusians less understand the language of "plates"
Dmitry Nazarov — special in satellite television. In the area of implementation of equipment for viewing "satellite package" it works from the mid 1990s.
I ask: what satellite systems Belarusians want more and that is aimed viewership?
"Now the main dish of Belarus for several satellites. This Hot Bird, Amos and Sirius. Oh, and another Russian satellite EUTELSAT, which is 36 degrees, the "NTV-Plus" package and the new Russian "Trykolar."
Belarusians stare mostly Ukrainian TV channels that just and these are the first 3 satellites — Hot Bird, Amos, Sirius. But over time, some of these channels zakadovvaetstsa freely available they are becoming less and less. Companions filled with new channels, but not every Belarusian they understood, because in the main go to foreign languages. "
As the Sovereign Nazarov, usually in great demand among Belarusian spectators enjoyed Russian package "NTV-Plus." But most Belarus subscription fee (20-40 dollars per month depending on the package) spawned a clandestine business aimed at counterfeiting and "perashyvku" cards. In addition, itself for itself Belarusian residence "NTV-Plus" — also purely notional:
"Talk about the legality of viewing the terrain while Belarus is impossible. Each package, for example, the same" NTV-Plus "or" Trykolar "should not be broadcast in Belarus, their legal view on the ground is likely only Russian Federation."
Companies that sell in Belarus satellite equipment, is not responsible for the legality of their customers viewing package satellite channels. As a result, a large part of the audience enjoys the stolen codes. Few customers get unique cards.
Whether stir "satellites" cityscape?
From time nedavneshnego owners of satellite dishes in a number of cities faced with the problem of the local authorities expressed the need to clean house facades from the plates. In this regard, many members of the media-independent voiced suspicions that such solutions have other prerequisites: that the struggle with the plates in fact intended to limit people’s access to all sorts of disk imaging abroad. This concerns not only the favorite channels like "Euronews" or Russian «RTVi».
October 15, from Poland plans to start broadcasting satellite channel "Belsat" specially designed for alternative informing people of Belarus, which will be financed by the European Union. Alexander Lukashenko has referred the project complete "stupidity" stupid and unfriendly step.
Belarusian authorities, in turn, promote the international broadcasting grid officious satellite channel "Belarus-TV". However, the head of the State Television and Alexander Zimouski not hide: the way to a foreign audience — not easy:
"Crazy, sure, it would be him," Al Jazeera "puts on one satellite and try to bring something to North Africa. ‘Cause we do not do. First broadcast channel" Belarus-TV "in my country, we are faced with the problem that do not know how to position it as a satellite channel.
Fact, that such class of channels sold or delivered to the consumer in the package. And in order that he took advantage of a popular could go different ways. In other words, we agree, for example, with the owners of "NTV-Plus" to include "Belarus-TV" in its own package purchased from their customers. But at 1-x, we would have to bear the costs, so they brought us into their own package, and, in-2, it is still paid access to the channel. And we are counting on the fact that "Belarus-TV" will be delivered free of charge to customers. "
According to official figures BTRC, "Belarus-TV" in globally gaze "millions and millions" of people. Beyond rated yet.
7.2% of Belarusian families staring satellite TV 23.04.2007

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