Berliner Zeitung: Each new conflict carries a loss of sovereignty for Belarus

In order to maintain power, Lukashenko implements "hereditary tribal silver"
Berliner Zeitung writes: "As for Russian promises to suspend fuel supply, and yes it davneshny advanced tool vymagannya. In such a method of "Gazprom" threatened in 2002, when the debts of Belarus is 230 million dollars. In This year first three years on a day or been terminated oil supplies to Belarus … Any dispute is one between Belarus and Russia completed for another loss of sovereignty Minsk for Moscow-income in the form of exposure and capital. In order to maintain power Lukashenko, so to speak, realizes his "hereditary tribal silver", in other words, transit pipeline. "
"That’s the dictators of weird here"
As the newspaper writes, the whole story is "quite funny event — what Our homeland that and Belarus formally constitute the Federal Government. Similar public education — the fruit of desire and then Lukashenko favorite Russian Boris Yeltsin. Lukashenko was still pinned his hopes that he will go to the Kremlin. But he did not count on Putin and his interpretation of the concept of "union state" …
"Minsk yesterday said he was willing to pay the debt. Meanwhile national money supplies almost worked out. However, a new lender who offered his services — a favorite Venezuelan Hugo Chavez. That such of weird "here dictators" — said Berliner Zeitung.
The settlement of another fuel conflict between Moscow and Minsk also dedicated interview Municipal Foreign Minister of Germany Gernata Erler, located in the current Berliner Zeitung. When the journalist asked how seriously need to treat signals Lukashenko’s rapprochement with the West during the Russian — Belarusian conflict Gernat Erler said: "Isolation of Belarus is dependent on the policy of the Belarusian regime. We monitor configuration is very true, but This time all occurred only in words. There is a decisive fact what’s happening in fact. As before, there is a very severe problem, for example, with the opposition. "
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