Better to listen to what reads Freedom

Aleksander Jackiewicz: "I’d worked with pleasure either in Poland or the Czech Republic or in the same of, but the difficulty is that I need a whole bag of pharmaceuticals to carry with them. Naturally, I no mason or plasterer , I can not work but would play the harmonica and poems read funny. "
Man: "Tell me," Freedom ", when we raise pensions and salaries to needy? And it turns out that retired bureaucrats and chyrvonapagonnikam raised that our stupid people oppressed. Prices are rising, and pensions and wages in place. Only bureaucrats increases. And this beggar nation, which must eat normally, no. Oppressed and under the Communists at the moment. Then there was Socialism, which developed and now capitalism develops. And then those like pigs, feasting, and the poor people suffering. "
Galina, Mogilev, "some listeners do not like our vsepostoyanstva. Yeah, I always listen to Radio Liberty. Those who listen to this advice, allowing to call state their worldview that we see, hear what we think. I do not see nothing wrong in this. Those who try to humiliate and offend constant listeners of "Freedom". I wish to say For you: nothing rupitsesya. Your splitting words likely as Boomerang vorachivayutsya to you and to maim your same soul. Better listen to that on than readst Radio Liberty and attend her stern message. "

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