Browser «Economist» E. Lucas mode keeps everything under control

What should be done Belarus to reduce effects of appreciation of Russian gas?
Lucas: "I fully understood that? Belarus has to do. During 1-x, shall be removed from energy-intensive types of production, use gas more elaborately judiciously. Other countries, who buy gas at high cost, try to use it more sparingly. Due to the eccentric manners Lukashenka board Belarusian economy failed tribute restructuring. The Belarusian authorities had a lot of time to restructure the system of energy, but they did not. And now to pay for it. But still likely.
Highest gas prices force people, and it is excellent, be more sparing. Georgia has shown us that the post-Soviet economy can operate successfully. It is only necessary to diversify and learn how to save. "
Ed Lucas greatly appreciated the prospects of the Belarusian economy in the case of liberalization.
Lucas: "I think a catastrophe is that Lukashenko not aware of the benefits of economic reform. He sees only the worst. He does not think the reasons behind today’s economy. He does not realize until the end that his country is in very badplace and it could indeed be very exciting for investors.
Belarus could have a very bright future, but very hard believe that in Belarus under Lukashenka may need to come open because its mode keeps everything under control. "

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