Bullpen for greeting cards

The first tribunal in Leninsky district of Minsk police brought activist "Young Front" Yaroslav Grischenya. Yaroslav, managing Baranovichi department "Young Front", the defendant in a criminal case brought by the KGB for his role in an unregistered organization.
Yaroslav was detained on July 27. In court, he said about the circumstances of the detention:
"He went to the kiosk. Decided to buy kvass, because it was hot. But it was only beer, and I decided not to take anything. Here come to me … two such strong foreheads. They say: Come here, and then we’ll presently will beat. So I went. They — for me. Later hear from their radios: "Let’s take it. This is one more scumbag! "They grabbed me and dragged into the bus."

"The conditions in which there keep people possible."

Yaroslav the first time was in jail Akrestsin Street. The impressions he shared with Radio Liberty:
"The conditions in which there keep people impossible. Luggage on the 3rd floor where I was sitting … Always drafty windows virtually no lattice everywhere. And the hole in the door from blowing and blowing air. What is sanitary norms, there’s no telling. "Yaroslav Hryshchenya
Yaroslav Grischenya tribunal arrested for 15 days.
Meanwhile Industrial district court judge began Franak Vyachorka. Ekaterina Romanova referee asked him to tell where he took 10 greeting leaflets days of Independence. She separately expressed outrage one postcard with the inscription: "Dali died and sur lasts." Referee chided Man: say, not every youth has a knapsack that found in Franak. And listed with all this book, notebook, newspaper "Free idea," greeting card and flyers.
Franak Vyachorka as Yarik Hryshchenya, for the first time will serve his arrest in the bullpen. Franak Vyachorka
He managed to say a few words "Freedom":
"I think that trying to stifle protest mood, they still cause great hatred. At this influence and attitude of the police, the heresy of the riot police or police officers who make and remake protocols, according to the decision on. All this, on the contrary, provokes me for more great hatred and a desire to work more and better. "
At trial, Frank attended ancestors. Favourite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka commented everyday arrests:

"Trying to suppress the protest mood, they still cause great hatred."

"The fully secure and mass mobilization campaign is atrocious. During 1-x is a desire to curry favor with at least some of an old or new power heads. Vo-2, it shows panic Lukashenko will lose control over at least a modicum although over mm Belarusian countryside. B-3, although maybe it’s not the last, unwillingness to share a monopoly on the interpretation of the word "sovereignty". His has the right to Lukashenko interpreted only through generalisimuskiya uniform through Russian celebration on July 3 through vypustoshvanne true meaning of the concept independence. " Vintsuk Vyachorka
Franak Vyachorka and Jaroslav Hryshchenya joined the list of the arrested youth activists. Together with them in the clink on the street are Akrestsin Paul Seviarynets, Alexey Shein Alexander Chernyshev, Valentin Sokolovsky and others.
Ambassadors of the United States and EU countries dubbed arrests preventively qualifying happening as violation man.
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