Bundestag: Belarusian visa issue will discuss the fall

Submitted for consideration by the parliament two projects — from the opposition and the ruling coalition. Later it turned out that the document can be taken no earlier than in the 2nd hour of the night, when MPs will tired.
Discuss now, the last time before the summer break plenary session, the opposition insisted — greenish fraction and the Free Democrats.
The first time a proposal to revise the price of visas for Belarusians made deputy of greenish Marieluise Beck.
Specifically, Ms. Beck offered lower prices for Belarus visa from 60 to 35 euros. She initiated the abolition of visa fees for students, youth, scientists and other people involved in the bilateral exchange program notes.
These proposals are then supported as in the fraction of greenish, and the Liberal Party — Free Democrats — and elaborated in the draft resolution of the respective opposition.
Parallel and now had to consider the second project, which is sponsored by driving Christian Democrats and Social Democrats. According to the opposition, "the document faster expressed general wishes, but does not contain some specifics."
Through the abolition debate both texts offer to the members of the commission on international affairs of the Bundestag.
Belarusian MPs discuss in detail the visa issue only after the summer break, at the next plenary session of the Bundestag.
Bundestag Marieluise Beck not once called their own colleagues "to realize the seriousness of the this difficulty"Because" real nedasyagalnasts contacts with the West for the majority of Belarusians into the hands of the Lukashenko regime. "
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