But this courage from fear …

Zinoviev: "Joke Fomenko," 32 he was veterinarian, and all — down the drain. "I think it’s about the abolition of privileges. Thank you."
Turovets Victor: "Hello," Freedom! "That’s just now a very lukashist praising people working in the KGB, he says, the most intelligent, everyone knows what our wise and brave Lukashenko that he changed the top of the KGB. But this courage from fear for that was manufactured, fright for retribution. Well, the KGB, as we know, never in the history of not protecting their own people, and has always been its punitive, waited only power. Here and now "the most intelligent that everyone knows" are struggling with the best part of the Belarusian youth and only for what they love Belarus and our God. Here a huge brain and is not necessary. Dept security fights against our future. Discrepancy goes, comrade lukashist. You better conscience talked about. But I understand possible read on, why not have your idols. "
Lady: "Good day! Yesterday Kalinin Square interviewed about conservatism. Our people, unfortunately, do not have a reliable disk imaging, therefore, can not understand what" conservatism. "So, that’s conservatism — is the foundation as the foundation of the house, stronger than foundation, the house is worth and longer. For us, for Belarusians is Christianity, whiteRussian language, free government, white-red-white flag and coat of arms "race" — that’s what "conservatism". And because the party called Conservative Christian, that was a strong foundation of our country Belarus. Our free Belarus! Just decent. "
Anastas Semenovich: "Ladies and gentlemen, Radio Liberty, a good day. Comrade Lukashenko, I do not understand you: How long will hunt Young people, are often judged, as they are very dear Belarus adore! I hope for our people and to God that soon people will end the torment. Who will answer for your deeds that dishonor his native Belarus? You and your sycophants isolate Belarus from Europe and America, because we live very poorly, and will be even worse after the new year, when our country will sell energoelementy other words gas and oil, at European prices. Your good governance coupled with Sidorsky will about the broken trough economy. Long live Belarus! "
Vladimir: "Alexander Vladimirovich Milinkevich congratulations on funny day of birth! I wish him good health and a lot of live and happiness! Long live Belarus! Thank you. "
Nicholas: "In the near future almost successfully hunts members" Young Front "ons criminal cases, arrests of young people. But the zeal of the young generation to the freedom not to suspend, do not hold back! Young built a young, newest, free Belarus. They will not be intimidated! They prevail because faith stronger horror! The government wants to break Paul Sevyarinets, but it did not break the link will not break, and 15 days in jail. He became stronger! "

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