Call to Freedom: Belarusians should be conscious and unconscious

Paul Davydenko Parichi: "Lukashenko with the vertical read about some economic miracle, and when our country claimed to gas debt, he took the disabled and elderly benefits and allowances to pensions. This Lukashenka thanks old and disabled people that gave him unlimited power to frolic died like flies from dyhlyafosu "
Constant listener: "Here at the moment listened conversation Lena Shalaev — empty mind, empty discussions. But not wanting to ask about it. I have a couple of times to ask one question. Freedom on your sound such words — Belarusians conscious. And Belarusians, for sure, must be and conscious and unconscious. You’ve got a lot of playing political scientists. So why no one answered: Who is he who is conscious and Belarusian unaccountable? I wish to think about what I Belarusian — conscious or unaccountable. What defines someone yardstick Belarusians? Waiting for an answer. I constantly listen to you and NIGHT MODE morning. Every day I’m listening. And on medium wave, and small — I perfectly audible. I look forward to hearing from your political scientists. "
Constant listener: "Once" tips "jammed Radio Liberty. A what they do at the moment the Belarusian authorities? Wish to kill the web. And which will these authorities? "
Man: "Ask, please Lukashenko question: how much the government receives for gas to pay for the population and industries? How much money was collected? And later will be seen as necessary to pay extra. And no need to any special funds spend money. Industrial enterprises and the population pay huge amounts of money, if you count, as it is necessary, just and that’s enough to pay off. That’s it. What are we looking for motivated? Yes no motive — irresponsibility and bestalantnoe management. That’s it. And besides brawlers. You need to know with whom we are dealing. Pay all. Not going anywhere. "
Lady: "Last" Pracki accent "listened with delight. Very curious. Thank you. Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s hard to imagine being that in January 2007, began when oil and gas conflict, Lukashenko had in mind six months later someone or something "prashchupats" about loyalty to yourself. Approved budget from the start does not predict the payment for the supply of gas. Apparently, even then "father" of the ordinary planned robbery and his hopes that, as usual, he can get away with. "

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