Candidates for deputies remains less

In a single list of 18 people representing the union of civilians party 14 — BPF Party and Communist Party of Belarus, 10 — Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada). Other tested as independent candidates — Chief Information Center reports SLM Yuri Potemkin:
"According to preliminary data, in a single list is 69 candidates. Soon withdrew several candidates, most of them in Minsk. This UCP 5 people, among which such iconic figures as Alexander Dobrovolsky, Valentine Palevikova Stanislav Bogdanovich. In addition, withdrew several BPF members, and even earlier — three representatives of the UCP. As I know, tomorrow or statement of withdrawal from the race is going to be attributed to the district election commission deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Alexei Yanukevich. He also ran in Minsk. "
Yanukevich confirms this information:
"Yes, it’s true. Essentially, I am going to apply to the election commission. Will stated that since the election commissions at all levels are formed without the participation of representatives of the BPF and since the authorities did not heed the call of BPF and SLM reshape them, then, accordingly, there is no ability to control vote count. And without this, on my eyes, not even the slightest hope for fair elections. Can overcome the limitations of propaganda. But if there is a clear vote count, then there is no point in participating in the process to a day or election. "
CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik states that are removed from the race not only the opposition, and the other candidates. As an example, he referred to the Deputy Chairman of the Land Commission of the current members of the House of Representatives Victor Anikeenko:
"I have to announce that not only the opposition was withdrawn. Though my own observations demonstrate that opposition candidates, when behold the strong opponent, to find a reason to have them taken off from the race. And if you can not provoke the Commission to withdraw, then they do something compose. "

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