CDU notes terrible disrespect for democratic rights Minsk

Belarusian opposition politician which is in Berlin at the invitation of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, yesterday met with German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and general secretary of the CDU Ronald Poffala.
In conversation with Angela Merkel Belarusian opposition politician presented his own vision of the future development of the Belarusian situation. As stated in response to the German manager, solution of the problem of human rights in Belarus is an asset for Germany.
Unsatisfactory state of human rights in Belarus said at this meeting withMilinkevich Secretary General of the Christian Democratic Union Ronald Pofalla. He stressed that "the principles of democracy, the rule of the country and Human Rights as before are not respected in Belarus terrible power. "
Ronald Pofalla also highlighted that the German Christian Democrats "vigorously support YSU students" who against all odds bet on a free, democratic thinking "
As reported on the news website of the German Christian Democrats, the statement was manufactured under the direction of Vilnius, the European Institute for the Humanities shipping books and computers. Pioneers of this action became CDU Circle students — Christian Democrats. The program also donations assumed the role of entrepreneurs and representatives of the Institute from all over Germany.
With Belarusian side, Milinkevich except for shares and was rector of the European Humanities University in Vilnius Anatoly Mikhailov.

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