Chavez and Lukashenko to be in power for another 20 years?

Referring to Hugo Chavez, Lukashenko said: "You have come just at the moment in which needed. "" I take your word that you are happy to be here, as indeed in vlyublenasts our country and our people. Because I am very grateful that you have come, "- said President of Belarus. In response, Chavez saw him with each visit "further falls in Belarus."
Chavez also said that the eyes of Caracas and Minsk today peacebuilding similar. Chavez said: "There are not enough people, which is so very pressing empire as to Belarus. Belarus threatens very empire and in this struggle we are brothers, the empire that calls us Tehrani, she is trying to establish a world dictatorship. "
Chavez praised the results achieved during the year with 2 countries in cooperation in the sectors of oil, agriculture, supply of potash fertilizers in Venezuela and tractors.
"If we have done so much for the year, how much will create for the 20 years that we have yet to stay in power," — said Chavez. Lukashenko responded to this: "Do not scare the Yankees."

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in ’52. He comes from Indiana, began his career as a military paratrooper, first the 1990s ran an unsuccessful coup attempt, for which two years spent in the slammer.
After the amnesty, the presidential election in 1998, Chavez has acquired 56 percent of the vote of support. In 2002, the unprotected group Venezuelans are not satisfied with the established rule, rejected Chavez from power. But later, Chavez managed to return to the presidential palace.
Chavez holds openly anti-American policy. In the West, it is perceived as a populist and Teran.
In Last year in December, Chavez defeated at the next presidential electionsAccording to official data, he received 61% of the vote, his opponent Manuel Rodriguez — 38%.

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