Chavez will adopt Indian arrows and Belarusian radar

Subject brutal U.S. goals and be independent in relation to the oil-rich Venezuela sounds soon almost every public speech Hugo Chavez. Senior Marine and today the Venezuelan army commander ordered his military to prepare for guerrilla war. In this war, according to Chavez, will be used a variety of means of weapons, including classical Indian poisoned arrows. Chavez himself says that he personally has this excellent Indian instrument, but for a real South American resistance to the aggressor that is not much.
Coupled with the Belarusian ruler, whom Chavez calls his "friend and brother," Venezuelan favorite going in Minsk to discuss "the last details of purchases built missile defense system with 200-300 kilometer range, including detection radars and missiles far the radius of acts."
Chavez’s words confirmed by sources close to the Ministry of Defence of Belarus.
"This is a product which has Belarus, but also countries such as the U.S., Britain and France — says Belarusian military expert Alexander Alesin. — Whenthan Belarus it offers not only Venezuela, and Iran. This computer software allows you to manage existing in these countries air defense. "
According to Belarusian professionals firepower in this system, likely, become Russian S-300 PMU-2, "winner" and "Tor M1".
Western military analysts of Global Security research group on the pages of the English edition of Monsters and Critics expressed subsequent judgments:
"Chavez wants to buy in Belarus night vision devices. They will be adapted to each individual rifle Venezuelan military. This Belarusian military optics sold three times cheaper than the respective NATO-standard. Assuming that the Venezuelan army has 34 thousand people, the amount of orders can reach 24 million dollars, "- said British experts.
As reported by Belarusian official sources, during Chavez’s visit will primarily Specific issues such as the resurgence of trade and economic cooperation and cooperation in the energy field. During bilateral talks in Minsk in speech including go and Belarusians oil production in the Orinoco River basin.
On the occasion of the arrival Venezuelan president, said the traffic police in Minsk in the 14 hours will sometimes overlap traffic on Independence Avenue and favorites and streets Frunze and Zakharov.

A year earlier, during his own first visit to Minsk, the Venezuelan ruler said Belarusian own employees: "We have to do the slogans of Lenin on the inadmissibility of the exploitation of man." According to Chavez, "Belarus — a free country, Venesuela — a free country, in which we confront the United States and its aspirations of the poor." President of Venezuela for the first time visited Belarus Last year in late July. Then there was signed a number of intergovernmental agreements on cooperation in science, technology, energy, petrochemicals.

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Illustration — magazine Ogonek

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