Citations past: Authorities have sought to Belarus nebelorus …

"Lim" in 1937 prints a letter Russian leaders: "We, chairmen of collective farms in 1900, on behalf of the Belarusian peasantry helmet for you passionate bolshevitskae hello. We send greetings to you, Comrade Voroshilov, People’s Commissar of our glorious Metal Workers ‘and Peasants’ Red Army. We send greetings to you, Comrade Kaganovich, Stalin’s organizer victories on railway transport. We send greetings to you, Comrade Yezhov, nice manager sovetskogo intelligence officer who took ezhavyya mittens gang foreign spies and wreckers ".
"Reddish change" year 1967. Painter S.Akulich writes to the 450th anniversary of the Belarusian printed books: "Painters running Skoriny translated into the language of the content of the biblical books engravings in understandable forms people intentionally bringing the characters of the" Bible "to readers in some degree achalavechyvshy them so to the wires in the mass needed moral framework. "
"Belarusians of the World Congress of days recently independence Belarusians world almost held on the steps of society" Fatherland "- reports on this week
1997 "Nasha Niva. "- This is the power of trying to make … nebelorus Belarus President to Belarusians peace came. Sent Vl. Rylatko with a message. From the message followed in Belarus Belarusian theme everything is fine … Rylatko read svistsela hall. To pay for everything, and for his weakness, too. "

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