Citations past: Columns — our city, and not some Sash …

"Krasnoarmejsky truth" in 1927, "he says," You have to think, the bourgeoisie was determined to get even with Soko and Vanzetti. South American consuls and ambassadors hiding from demonstrations, governor and the referee did not want to hear the defenders. But the proletariat will never agree with the murder of his own comrades. Blood Soko and Vanzetti will last drop of patience working classes. She turned red flags under which the proletariat to follow in the last fight. "
"Star", "year 1937". Kiselev, commander of the transition in gas masks and suits protsiiprytnyh Minsk-Kyiv, reads: "In this transition game bestowed upon me a great responsibility and trust to be commander in the most difficult year of transition criteria. Hunt I assure our party, the government and the workers of our country in that puzzles set before us will be fulfilled with honor. We will turn our country into a fortress defense even springboard for future battles will inhumanely destroy anyone who dares poruha on us. "
"Free previews" "1997", at this week Columns of write: "… all the walls and fences were painted" anti-presidential "… slogans like:" You’re either Belarusian Moskal? "Flags on government buildings known range" fire on the marsh "were mysteriously changed to white-red- White and Felix Dzerzhinsky monument appeared in the morning before the city dwellers with fries from reddish paint eyes and cruel Cheka nose of the same color scheme. Shares held codenamed "Columns — our city, and not some Sash" … "

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