Citations past: From our city was visible vorachivaetsya tube …

"Nasha Niva"In the 1907 report of the deepest:" From our city was visible vorachivaetsya pipe (Russian — tornado in Polish — traba), which is 20 miles pranyaslasya from us. Nebi on at the Time wason only a small cluster, but very very thrashed Perun and lightning. Pipe this highly was rising from the earth to ablakov as a post, with a narrow bottom, and all the extensive grief she spun as veretsyano. About traverse people while can not hear. "
"Evening Minsk" in 1987, writes about what is planned during the restoration of the Upper Town, "Museum of History and Archaeology, the area of visual representations, propaganda center of cultural heritage of Belarus, the museum of the revolutionary movement, the concert hall of chamber music, the cinema" Nyamiha " Belarusian museums of art and ethnography, children’s art, Belarusian theater open universal stage area and much more. "I can assure you that the restoration of the Upper town prepyadstviya will be addressed in the upcoming role of the public," — said the chief designer E.Kavalevski town. "
"Culture" on this week 1997 call on the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Education, Culture and Scientific and Technological Progress of the House of Representatives Nicholas Shevtsov: "I think that was adopted in Last year unanimously Supreme Council thirteenth convocation Act creative unions should support those organizations that have made a lot of useful and make for the development of our culture … Head of the country, please read the neuvvyazkami to be overcome creative unions, prepared an urgent decree granting them benefits. "

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