Citations past: Kindergartens Belarus clogged very class-hostile elements …

"Star"in 1937 he says: "Kindergartens Belarus clogged very class-hostile elements … Suffice it to say that only in Minsk kindergartens running a lot of these "educators". Not the case in kindergarten number 42 kids sang the song "Serve Christ’s sake." It turns out that the head of the kindergarten Soloveitchik this song strumming children on the gramophone. When checking she found 80 of old gramophone records ideologically harmful content. "
"Reddish change" in 1967 tells the story: "Not so long ago, a group of tourists Minsk Suvorov Military School … went to the North Caucasus, to take part in the Jubilee Alpiniyade Kabardino-Balkar ASSR climbing Elbrus … Back to top Alpiniyady at the top of Elbrus was installed iron urn. inscription on it: open in 2017, a day the 100th anniversary of Russian country. hike Each participant was given the opportunity to omit this urn own iron badge with the name, first name and patronymic. Cadets with great joy performed this rite. "
"Name" in 1997 writes about the German charity: "Not so long ago, representatives of one initiative gathered very excellent gifts for children. At the border transport, obviously stopped and offered to make certification cost. other words, to open all the boxes to find the price of each item and pay for all this every day where the goods are at the Belarusian customs warehouses. Sum was quite round. From proposals Belarusian customs refused car turned. "

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