Citations past: Many got editorial broadcasting and broadcasting centers in particular

In 1937 "Vitebsk proletarians" reported: "Not so long ago, a meeting was held asset listeners town of Vitebsk, in what assumed the role of More than 100 people … Got a lot of editorial and broadcasting in particular radio unit. Sharply and rightly criticized listeners control radio unit for not a good audibility of noise audibility of several stations, the disappearance of hearing, generally huge disruptions, papsavanne lines, etc. … Assembly adopted a resolution in which … sought control of a broadcasting away with large abnormality in the unit. "
Under the heading "Foster feelings Russian patriotism"
"Lim" in 1947 wrote about the Belarusian opera "The playwright and composer M.Klimovich D.Lukas opera" Song of Happiness "on the story about the work of farmers to revive the national economy destroyed by the Nazis. In this work, it is interesting that the creators, not limiting themselves "rural flavor," seek out new features inherent nature Russian people, the mind that they have acquired in 30 years of existence sotsyyalistychnay country. "
"Minsk Truth" in 1977 recalls of fencers Ramankova Alexander: "And then … And then Grenoble Alexander substantiated that it is the most highest fencers world class rapier became the first in the world. In 1976, he was the silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Montreal . And newcomer big win — Dynamo Minsk, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR Alexander Roman’kov at the world championships in Buenos Aires has become a favorite in foil fencing. "

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