Citations past: The conflict over the structure of the Belarusian Lyceum received international resonance

On This week in 1917 "Free Belarus" notes: "Capital, or the Great intellectuals interested in everything, not only its neighbors … And truly, if carefully look through Moscow literaturu, then nowhere to meet someone that she really was interested in the fact: Who is the Belarusians that their edge that for people here, what language they say what they want, where they go, what and why reach … silent … And if from time to time come to us historians or linguists, they were already overtaken certain that met here own "Tula peasants’ only asobnastsyami exciting."
"Lim", year 1937. Someone A.Uhanav writes: "adventurer, the enemy of the people Ul.Galubok for sixteen years kazyrayuchy title" People’s Artist "and his" winning "(which he, by the way, and did not have) in the development of theatrical art of Belarus, juggling" revolyutsyynymi "phrases, in fact always conducted an aggressive work in the theater group of the National Fascist Olehnovich, Staszewski, tambourine, zgirovskih. Darling was tightly woven with the enemy of the people Duntsom Trotskyists, wrecking instructions that are produced in the former BDT-3. "
"Freedom" in 1997 report on the events surrounding the Belarusian Humanities Lyceum: "In general, the conflict over the structure of the Belarusian Lyceum has already received international resonance. Addressed Lukashenko received a letter signed by the chairman of the Global Association of Colleges Mark Hoffman. This international organization, headquartered which is in London, and the venerable president is a favorite of South Africa Nelson Mandela and Queen Noor of Jordan, asks the Belarusian authorities to ensure continuous operation of the Belarusian Humanities Lyceum. "

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