Citations past: The New computer opens the class in particular the massive and efficient machines

"Nowe Zycie" in 1927 report on the publication of the list of telephone subscribers and Vilenschina neighborhood: "The number of subscribers has increased significantly: Vilnius currently has 1,320 subscribers; Baranovichi 148 phones Brest on the Bug 200 subscribers, 350 phones, Grodno 606 subscribers, number of rooms 14, more than 650 phones ; Kobrin 86 phones, Lida 120 phones Luniniec 56 phones, 42 Shults, Nowogródek 75 Oshmiany 36, Pinsk 116 … From the perspective of telephone traffic first place surrounded received town Vilnius, Grodno and Brest on the Bug. "
"Russian Belarus" in 1997 tells the story of a computing machine "EU-1060", "newcomer computer opens the class in particular the massive and effective machines. For example, it will change to 100 vytvornastsi recognizable" Minsk-32. "On the basis of a" shastsidyasyatki "can make a computer center which serves an entire branch of the national economy. Indeed "EU-1060" immediately able to provide services to industrial companies Sotke decide for their economic planning, statistics and engineering tasks of any complexity. "
"Culture" on This week in 1997 provides word actor Boris Plotnikov, who plays in the movie Sotnikov "climbing", "Vasil Bykov for the whole story lies outside the partisan spirit, nadchasavae, that connects people with voedinyzhdy couples the advent of Christianity to the present day. This is why Berlin Festival besides cerebral prize "Golden Bear" we were handed another prize, which our country suppressed. This prize Catholic societies of Western Europe. "

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