Citations past: U.S. always willing to lend a helping hand to Belarus

"Proceedings Mozyrskogo workers’ councils and Soldiers’ Deputies and advice Mozyrskogo Peasants’ Deputies" in 1917 he reported: "Kerensky issued a decree, that the newspaper" Pravda "," Soldier’s True "and" Trench Truth "in the future were not allowed to spread among the troops of the army. came information that Lenin told investigators the authorities desire to transfer himself into the hands of government investigators in connection with the order to detain him. Trotsky requested to detain him for the threat of lynching mob. "
"Nowe Zycie" in 1927 he advertises: "The best moment in the life of every man and ladies have a moment kiss. But how disastrous it becomes if the beloved or lover pulls back, shocked breath nasty mouth beloved creatures. But so easy to get around the tragedy, using a lifesaver," Feryentyna "which eliminates the nastiest breath."
"Narodnaya Volya", year 1997. Kenneth Yalowitz salting U.S. before leaving for home calls more difficult periods own work in Belarus, "This so called"Komplot Ambassadors of NATO member states", which said the official Minsk in autumn 1996. This "captured" in the spring so called "South American spy", an employee of our embassy. This is the wrong thing regarding employee of the Soros Foundation. This and other conceptual differences. Despite all this, the U.S. yet always ready to lend a helping hand to Belarus. "

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