Citizenship can be purchased for 150 thousand euros?

According to the latest program that focus will be made for professionals in what the country needs. Based on the needs of high technology park, this first sales managers, programmers, experts at working with the staff, advertisers, "IT" professionals, representatives of a number of medical specialties and athletes who could play for the national team.
Citizenship issue "out of turn" President decides
Explains the first deputy chief of the Department of Citizenship and MIA movement Alex Runner:
"The question is not citizenship, and obtaining permission to stay constant. Citizenship — with him is understandable, there is no queue no. If a person has reason he gets citizenship. And if no such necessity, that he lived seven years, a residence permit" .
Interested: can a country needs to become a citizen of Belarus special not after 7 years of living in Belarus, and earlier?
"Yes, it can. By law, such a possibility exists. If a person is enthusiastic Belarus, she can not get a seven-year term Belarusian citizenship. In other words, there are such grounds, but it needs to petition the national body. A final decision on the this issue perceives the president. In other words, on the basis of the respective decree. "
Westerners in Belarus do mental work
As the Director of the Institute of Labour Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Svetlana Shevchenko until qualified foreign spice in Belarus is not particularly eager. If come, then the short-lived period:
"With regard to the labor force, which comes from the Western countries, it is in the main skilled experts at that move, for example, lectures, doing functions of managers, scientific consultants in various fields. Plus faculty. Other words, the mental work. And if we take the country to the West, to move us, only legally. But as far as Ukraine, Russia, the more it illegal migration. "
Possible citizens of Belarus may be business people who invest in the Belarusian economy. In accordance with the law "On legal status of foreign people" permission for foreigners stays constant, which has invested more than 150 thousand euros in the implementation of municipal programs.
"Belarus" — 150 thousand euros
Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Union of businessmen Misha Shavelzon considers: the current tax legislation does not contribute to a massive influx of investors. And because at the moment it urgently correct:
"I do not think that there is something fundamentally change, but really on the agenda is the question, the president has instructed to reduce the tax burden and to facilitate administrative barriers. Intensive work agencies — Ministry of Economy first. Once such work done Alliance business. UNDP funded measures elimination of administrative obstacles. And at the moment the government has met. This is due specifically to these plans, or to the fact that many agencies even believe — in fact a lot of administrative ‘barriers, but in fact there is such an indication in this direction at least tend to move. "
One of the managers of the Department of Citizenship and movement Alex Runner explains that 150 thousand euros invested in the economy, the stranger really give chances for citizenship:
"Yes, whereupon may be eligible for a fixed residence … "
Reporter: "And the people on the Fri before? .."
"Of course. And still to this program there. Naturally, investors were to give such permission. And the citizens of Ukraine, and from the Netherlands and German nationals. In other words, there is a list of people who have received such permission. More on the previous law on immigration. "
"Byelorussization" athletes — wholesale
Recently the biggest international competitions in Belarus are usually foreign athletes. Usually it is the athletes "third tier", which due to their age or capacity had no place in the main Russian or Ukrainian teams. There are cases where citizenship issued a "gross". In November last year by presidential decree 15 players at once, the people of the Russian Federation, received Belarusian citizenship.
Specialists do not hesitate: a year before the Olympic Games in Beijing, you can expect a repeat of history. Repeated champion of global and European Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics Eugenia Pavlina this practice does not welcome:
"I believe that such measures are generally initiated by a people who are struggling to distinguish from carrots ball. Because in fact footage, unpredictable thing. So much has already been some examples, but I still come on the same rake, 10s times. This unclear. For example, I have twice brought home the Olympic licenses, but does not move to the Games. fact I never agreed with that it’s just role, it is more important than the actual result. Because knowing that I will not be the result, I decided not to go. "
Once a year, about 2-thousand foreigners get Belarusian citizenship. Most of the falls on the unity of families. Then follow those generally recognized as refugees or who have been granted asylum in Belarus.

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