Comes whether phosphorus accumulation from Ukraine to Belarus?

July 16 in the Lviv region derailed and ignited fifteen cars of freight train carrying toxic substance — yellow phosphorus. During localization of fire appeared accumulation of products of combustion, and the affected area was about 100 square km. About a thousand people were evacuated.
MEP: phosphoric no danger
Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Alexander Apatsky in an interview with Radio Liberty said that since the tragedy being shtosutkavy air sampling on the ground adjacent to the Belarusian border.
These samples, as a bureaucrat, show: no configurations are no health hazards Belarusians — the same way.
"We monitor, monitoring, right up to the air. Real danger now no no. Nobody gives us another disk imaging — nor Ukraine has confirmed that there is any real threat or our services that operate in emergency mode.
We are constantly on the well-established observation posts. Also in positions where we calculate the probability of possible threats, even under the most adverse factors. But we have been developing for 3 hours specific forecasting models that demonstrate: while no real danger. But conducting enhanced monitoring. To do this, have the power and money. All services are running in emergency mode, "- said Alexander Apatsky.
Sovereign Apatsky convinced that the current situation associated with Chernobyl is not:
"It’s more for the effect they say. After Chernobyl is not that much, it is wrong to even read. Refers to the fact that the tragedy of severe, although regional nature is as yet. What there will be? "
The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus are not inclined to dramatize the situation. There’s been explained: according to calculations, phosphorus accumulation may move north somewhere in the 70-80 km. At that time, as the place of the train accident in Lviv region to the Belarusian border distance three times more.
Phosphorus — one of the bomb components
As specified in the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the National Academy, yellow phosphorus in the world today is used very widely — from steel and fertilizer production to the defense industry, first, product so called phosphorus bombs.
Demand substance proved its combustible properties zagarayuchysya air, he immediately achieves a temperature of 2.5 thousand degrees.
Specialists chemical industry confirm that yellow phosphorus is poisonous: the lethal dose for humans is 0.05-0.15 grams. Poisoned initially spends appetite, feels fatigue, he having symptoms of jaundice. Substance causes damage to the bones, brain, liver nekroz.
But the Ministry of Natural Resources insist that there is no need to exaggerate the effects of the tragedy.
Says Deputy Minister Alexander Apatsky:
"Basic, it must know: were the products of combustion during fire fighting they rose, fell to second ahalodilisya area of 90 square kilometers, which officially confirms the Ukrainian side. Under this cluster were several villages Fri
So, people have suffered, but most affected are those who specifically was in the area of the tragedy: firefighters, police officers, military. Naturally, the civilian face. According to various estimates, from 20 to 30 people, maybe a bit more. But it likely, nevzhyvanne through personal protection. In other words, getting the poison in the respiratory tract. "
Several European countries in connection with the tragedy in Ukraine announced overcharge alert. This is Romania, Poland and Hungary.
But with all this stated: these countries are not included in a particular zone threat, because the cloud went to the north-east, Belarus. The Commission has not received a request for assistance from the Ukraine and Belarus.

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