Commando last recorded conversation with the Minister Naumov about Kozulin

Excerpts from a conversation with Minister Vladimir Naumov former "Almaz" Igor Makarov, situated on the Web last chief of the Minsk detention center Oleg Alkaev that a couple of years living in Germany. Oleg Alkaev writes that record the conversation he gave himself Igor Makar, who escaped in this country after last year’s presidential elections.
According to Igor Makarov, his conversation with Vladimir Naumov first occurred in March 2006 year. While Igor Makarov, who had previously retired from the "Diamond", worked to protect presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin. Minister Naumov Tipo wish to recruit guards, stated that Kozulin get in jail, and this will not escape Igor Makar, if you do not go from Kozulin. Here is a quote from the tape:

"Follow thou shalt … It will not, and thou shalt be cut off as …"

"Follow thou shalt be … You know, when a person engages in quiet affair somewhere … then it … And if you will not even touch on criminal charges … All the same … It will not, and thou shalt be cut off as … "
A. Vouchak: I put a record to the complaint to the prosecutor
Does it really read Minister Vladimir Naumov?
The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs uttered that comment to the Minister of the record there is unknown. "When I’ll see to it, then ask this question"- Promised to control the press service of Catherine Samusenkova-Shelehava.
Human rights activist Aleh Volchek said "freedom" that the voice on the tape sounds Vladimir Naumov. Volchek says that he heard the transcript former commando with the Minister a few months back.

A. Vouchak: "Practically, Naumov recognizes and states that at some point Kozulin will sit."

"I not only heard it, and attached to the complaint to the prosecutor regarding the town beating Kozulin commandos. Practically, Naumov recognizes and states that at some point will sit Kozulin. Glas Naumov confirms this, and it is necessary to prosecute for Naumova Kozulin company persecution and that he interfered in the election. "
Complaints to the prosecutor Oleg Volchek Minsk responded that there are no grounds for initiating criminal cases against riot police who beat Alexander Kozulin. Regarding the role in this story Minister Naumov responses prosecutors do not have anything. According to the press secretary of the Minsk prosecutor Oleg Agafonov, the prosecution is not to blame.
"Speak as if the verdict rendered by the Tribunal Kozulin, and then the Supreme Tribunal dismissed the complaint, when What does the Minsk prosecutor’s office? "
I. Makarov in Germany beware revenge Belarusian secret services
Chat with ex-SAS commandos Igor Makarov has not yet succeeded — by Oleg Volchek, who met with Makar in Germany, then beware revenge Belarusian secret services and limited his contacts.
Volchek recalled that Igor Makar was ready to make an eyewitness at the trial of Alexander Kozulin. It was exactly a year earlier. Commando last wish to tell about your own conversation with Vladimir Naumov, to settle the court that against Alexander Kozulin preparing spetsaperatsyya. But the referee Metropolitan Court of Minsk Alexey Rybakov refused to call the tribunal Igor Makarov as a witness. A few months later, Igor Makar fled to Germany, where he received political asylum.
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Kozulin second time tried to take the referee Rybakov, 12.07.2006

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