Constantine began a retrial Lukashou

In Minsk Leninsky District Tribunal relatives came Constantine Lukashou OSCE representatives and chargé d’affaires of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic Lubomir Rehak. Referee Tatiana Zhulkovskaya questioned witnesses in a criminal case from both the prosecution and the defense.
In February, the tribunal Leninsky district of Minsk Constantine was sentenced to two Lukashou years in prison with suspended execution of the sentence for two years. He was charged with resisting a police officer Last year March 29, when he did not agree to suspend the car on demand rights in civilian clothes. Constantine held two months in custody. On February 20, he was released in the courtroom.
After complaining Lukashou Minsk City Tribunal quashed the decision and declared the new session. First time his hearing was postponed because of absence of the injured policeman SUSHCHENYA Anatolia. Who also had to start the proceedings for half an hour later, because the victim did not come to fit tribunal.
Siuchyk: "This is revenge for me in March 2006"
Siuchyk not undertake to predict what will be the decision of the court. He was confident that Constantine accused, to avenge his brother, who participated in the events at October Square March 2006.
Siuchyk: "I am on this subject, in general, is not going to make any predictions. Happened that I was an eyewitness of this episode from the beginning. As I understand it, first steps were in fact police to detain me. At what point they switched to my brother, I do not know. Doing presently any predictions — very nepriznatelnoe case. The only thing I can say for sure that it was revenge for me in March 2006. Revenge, which is very involved on izymatelstva. "
Referee will announce the verdict on July 11.
Konstantin Loukashov
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