Corruption will not — stop life

Cabbie"There is no corruption — life stops. Can you imagine if all the police will TENS, and what can we do then?"
Prince"From kindergarten, schools, everywhere, constantly bear and bear, as without it you go nowhere."
Mrs."Our village chairman, for example, takes a bribe for land … In the step of free clinics do not. To pay for everything … The horror. "
Design engineer"Health care, law enforcement, educational institutions. Higher echelons of power. This issue of licenses, permits different … No control of power."
Mrs."Belarus should take, I think, place 13 to corruption. Newspapers we do not write about it. Neither the newspaper nor TV. Belarus wishes to have its applets, then let them do it 5, 10, but their own programs, and climbs in "Our homeland", "NTV" … No democracy in our country, and because corruption is rampant. "
Correspondent"You are faced with the phenomenon of corruption?"
Pensioner"But it is very hidden. Its also to be found. If things on the arbitrators and the courts, there is also manifest corruption. Belarus may not be 151 seats. I think that if in the first 50, you can it would be the truth. "
Woman"In high school, most pronounced. Especially when need a bigger score ekzametsionny certificate, or, it is."

In the hospital had to pay a bribe for something to do a blood test.

Prince"We have corruption in every hospital. Currently you can not do the surgery, so as not to give the doctor 100-150 bucks in the pocket. Very small wages. Forces, as well as me, doctor."
Pensioner"Over the granddaughter daughter paid funds to arrange closer to home. If this is done in such a rather poor level, that talk about the higher ranks? Bureaucrats do not earn to build such huge palaces in the suburbs. Means is corruption."
Student"People solve their own problems by transferring a call abroad afitsyynastsi. Decisions are made in bars and restaurant. This pleasant evidence of corruption, when the Chief Justice says the arbitrator should decide how the situation in the case. Arbitrator decides is what is needed. This direct evidence of corruption. "
Prince"I understand that in the administration, in the manual. Cottages and all that — it’s more a part of the corrupt."
Prince"Our Tribunal is quite corrupt, if so perfectly understand."
Prince"It’s hard to call the branch where there is no corruption. Even from birth. In the hospital had to pay a bribe for something to do a blood test. Was a suspicion my grandson for hepatitis C. I had to give a very large sum."

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