Created another film about the events of spring 2006 in Minsk

Middle of the movie characters — young creators, historians, students, politicians, prominent figures of the opposition and the authorities. Before the eyes of the viewer are replaced with performance footage, Belarusian views, religious symbols … They say old peasant, student, President Lukashenko, presidential candidates Alexander Kozulin and Alexander Milinkevich, the prisoner of the Gulag and a Protestant pastor Ernst Sabila, director disgraced authorities Humanities Lyceum Vladimir Kolos and one of the initiators of the tent city on the Square Siuchyk.
Sergei Pataransky calls own movie "panoramic"
In the movie, a lot of quotes from the issue municipal television saturated propaganda. Sergei Pataransky calls own movie "panoramic":
"Last year’s spring revealed a cancerous tumor, and went not only alive blood, and a lot of manure our opposition came. And there was the third force — regional favorites, which actually raised area and Kalinowski — calling people."
In the film features interviews with students Kalinouski, young people, who went to study in Polish universities after, as they were excluded from Belarus — for his role in protests. Applets pioneer Alexander Milinkevich states that "Kalinouski" must decide whether they vorachivatsya in Belarus. People in the frame do not know a definite answer.
Woman: "What will happen next — many of us know?"
Young Man: "Under President Kozulin, of course, will be back."
"This movie was made first by a Western audience"
Sergei Pataransky asks his characters: "What is their freedom?". Itself in the process of creating the film opened a fortune Belarus, which refers to sour.
"This movie in primarily made for a Western audience — says Pataransky. — And of course, it was a bomb. And at first I would like to implement the West. Obviously, first create a presentation in September. If everything is fine, and my colleagues and I will not be forced to find a political shelter in a country in Western Europe. Since I understand that the movie versatile that I may seem very many opponents on this occasion . "
Sergei Potaranskogo, the movie "In the snow sleeps Spring" will be available on the Web for spampavannya and purchase discs after his show at one of the European TV channels.
• Area — Display "Nasha Niva", 22.03.2007 • Film Jury Khaschavatski" Area ", the official website of the movie

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