Deepest: activist fined for illegal picket at 310 thousand

Lyudmila Vashenko referee decided to fine the sovereign Bernikovich 310 thousand rubles, or 10 baselines.
Referee activist accused on the basis of testimony police officers, who beheld as July 15 in the city market a few men in T-shirts with the inscription "Movement" For Freedom! "Distribute audio CDs" Songs of Freedom "and the booklet" What the EU could bring to Belarus? . "

Jaroslav Bernikovich on the porch of the court

Jaroslav Bernikovich was detained for spreading, the court did not recognize his own guilt. In general, he noted that it was the first action in the deepest, which culminated in the arrest and trial participants.
"Such actions have long held — were rallies in support Milinkevich. Remember, was more action" For your freedom and ours "to electoral events in Ukraine. But this action first, when we were detained. Maybe this explains the terror movement, new people, new thoughts, new proposals. "
Glubokskaya other activists of "For Freedom!" Yuri Kilbasicha and Basil Salaninku also questioned in court as witnesses. The other day they were summoned for questioning by the police. According to the views of police officers in the city market, they lured the attention of passers-by that they were wearing T-shirts with the slogan movement Milinkevich.
Militiamen remained convinced that it was a political motto under which held an unsanctioned picket.

Glubokskaya activists Yury Kilbasich Jaroslav Bernikovich and Vasily Salaninka

Deepest: Yaroslav Bernikovich threatens fines or arrest for picketing, 16.07.2007 • Deepest: activist detained for T-shirt with "Movement" For Freedom ", 15.07.2007

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