Democracy in Belarus than in almost all Western countries

Over the past few months in various regions of Belarus under the control of local authorities occurred constituent assemblies public association "Snow White Rus".
Many politicians and political scientists have seen in the contours of the future "party of power", which in the future may be created based on the latest pro-government public organization.
Current conversation will start with letters on this topic, who sent us Ivan Antonovich from Gomel:
"If the international organizations began more seriously interested in human rights in Belarus, and power began to move a little. Yet for all this, it tries to do so, the wolves to be fed and the sheep are safe. It therefore makes schlady game -" Pure white Rus " .
No doubt that it will include all the rulers — from the chairman of the collective farm foreman to executive committee. Failures will not, so who wants to appear with the work tasks. Nomenclature for the national consulate diluted by ordinary laborers, promising some privileges. Word eventually get the most massive game — a full copy of the former Communist Party.
So makarom to fully priklnnyh authorities unions, the Communist Party, veterans, and gaydukevitskay LDPB BRYU add one mass party. Whereupon You can give orders to the House of Representatives, so that she amends the Election Code — introduced elections by party lists, as it made in all civilized countries, and even in Russia. Although essentially everything remains as it was.
But under this guise can be seek from Europe and America, the lifting of sanctions and early cooperation. Say, we have your most important requirement is fulfilled, now your turn. "
I do not think Mr. Antonovich that such simple manner can mislead the Western public. Democratization of the electoral legislation, which asks West from Minsk, is not limited to the substitution of the proportional majority system.
By the way, specifically that of substitution and no one asks. Elections without party lists can be fair and equitable, and may well falshavatstsa. How to make so that the election campaign was fair and democratic, well-known both in Minsk and in the West. Sign opposition representatives to election commissions, is independent observation, equal access to the media, equal conditions for campaigning — the list goes on …
As influential and powerful force will be the party in power (unless it comes to creation)? The mention of the fate of the Communist Party — the first thing that comes to mind in this case. But maybe inspire other Belarusian nomenclature standards — for example, the experience of Moscow with its peremptory nomenclature of "United Russia".
New letter from our friend Paul Szasz davneshnego village of cankers Malorita district. On This time listener writes about the difficulties faced by those rural dwellers who sell milk to the state:
"In the villages Lyahovtsy, cankers, Mokrany often happens that in the morning pick up milk and funny day return back the already soured. And so, if not every day, then in one day. Take only the evening, consider — chilled. And do not take the morning. Population naturally unhappy, but does not dare to protest: every penny needed.
This situation — in all Malorita area. But in that case why take the milk, if it is bad? Of course, how come. Carry the milk to the factory in Brest, and it is 70 km away. And there is still hot … Naturally, for this time it will curdle.
When Poland was all different. Milk processed in place, Makranskay malacharni. Produced and oils and cheeses. All brought to Warsaw. Fridge was not, then put into boxes ice, wrapped in a special paper. And all perfectly preserved. But why? After all, was the owner. And at the moment there is no such owner. "
Your diagnosis, sire Sats possession. Must see: where managers have little more than local collective pradprymalnastsi, independence and master’s calculation, then and now do the same thing: processed milk (well, and meat) on the spot, in its own workshops.
This additional income and employment of their own people. And, most importantly — all in place, raw material comes in the fresh kind. Naturally, the big factories in regional centers that are not happy: they ultimately do not have enough raw materials, they complain vertical require "put pressure" on the activities of farmers. But whether such factories needed if every time sumnyaessya not skisne milk while you’re taking him to spetsy 10 km matches?
Letter from Ukrainian Uzhgorod. We wrote Leonid Shchors — alternate critic of Western democracy in general and Radio Liberty viz.
"The purpose of your gear on Belarus to me is clear: razbestsits possible more people. You are literate and intelligent. Uncle Sam boobs and loafers will not pay.
But another fascinating fact. You are in Belarus. Management activities of the country covered only negatively, even if it is an activity aimed at the interests of the population. To microphone allowed only disgruntled power (such as in which country though there will always be, even in your beloved United States).
But the fact that nobody can deny: Belarus by its own President Lukashenko Alexander Grigoryevich, whom I greatly respect, has a measured and the measured economy society. Well, individuals such as Kozulin, I do not think: beheld on TV clash with his role.
You often say that democracy in Ukraine, order, etc. Are you — is willing to Belarus was such a mess and the same political repression, as we? A makingsmiling with agriculture? All looted villages in some remnants of the former farm. Range of weeds. You want this? Lukashenko’s need to pray to God that has kept the country.
Naturally, there are problems everywhere. Here you praise Poland. A Ukrainian television showed not so long ago the general strike of Polish doctors. And you keep quiet. Is that — double standards?
So, Lukashenko West objectionable because they do not dance to their tune. He independent, not a flunky. That’s the whole secret. A democracy in Belarus than in almost all Western countries, you let me believe me. Democracy — is order in the country. "
The letter sovereign Shchors attached a few publications of the Ukrainian Communist newspapers — about what kind of economic success also achieved with the hard power of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.
To microphone we Shchors sire, allow those who have something to say and whose judgments can be exciting and necessary for the Belarusian audience — whether we agree with these considerations or not. If you listen closely, "Freedom", it could not be sure that we adhere to this principle in turn.
Naturally, if you believe that only disk imaging on Belarus, which contains your print or communist Belarusian official newspaper — then you have a lot of questions.
Well, the road from Uzhgorod to the Belarusian border — not such a future. For whatever Belarusian highway No matter from the side, a few miles further Move from roadside painted facades — and I assure you that you would see weeds and overgrown fields, and the remaining abandoned villages and empty farm without roofs or windows …
As for your, sire Shchors, the definition of democracy as the order in the state. Order, remember, was in Hitler’s Germany — the approximate order of the Nazi death camps, in the Jewish ghetto, in enterprises where slaves worked from enslaved Eastern Europe …
Order in a democratic state — this is the order that is based on the law on the freedom of the individual and fairly elected by the people power. Such order in the current time in Belarus.
At the end of a letter from Misha kutsee Lukashevich from the village Vychulki Brest region:
"Here you are there telling all about the opposition, on the street are calling for democracy. All is great. But it is necessary for you to get out of your dungeons outside and look at the broade
r life and other methods of struggle for democracy. And people are not interested in democracy, and others things. Here, for example, I have to live on a pension 15 thousand rubles per month. How to survive? Here’s what interests me "
On the street, sire Lukashevich, we will not call — are engaged in political parties and public movements. Your job — to support such calls or not.
As to the claim that people need not democracy, and prosperity at home. Common worldview, not the one you repeat it often. Yes, but that’s what the relationship in the world, confirmed by the example of the 10-s of different states, if not in the state of a democratic system, and not the welfare of the population of the country itself.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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