Deputy Chairman of the KGB in the air ONT said the alleged spies

By Weger, in the main, this information concerned the state of the composite missile defense system of Belarus and Russia. Vice-chairman KGB said that spies have not applied prejudice the defense of Belarus. As reported in the air, one of the detainees Vladimir Ruskin said that he was recruited Polish intelligence on the ground in Poland. By him, upon arrival to Poland border guards found the alcohol in his car, the amount of which is 5 times higher than normal, and the Polish intelligence suggested not attention given that, if he becomes resident in Belarus.
"Interfax" reports that in the midst of the accused — the last one of the chief intelligence officer of anti-aircraft missile brigades of Belarus Viktor Bogdan, who was detained on-site service. It is also reported that one of the arrested Russian citizen came himself in the Russian FSB.
Criminal case for treason and espionage (Article 356 part 1 of the Criminal Code of Belarus), instituted against five alleged resident referred to the Tribunal. Punishment under this article provides for 7 to 15 years imprisonment.
Details and comments — later on our web site and in the evening air.
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