DESIGNED decked version of the aircraft GRIPEN NG

DESIGNED decked version of the aircraft GRIPEN NG
Swedish company Saab announced the completion of the first step of designing a military aircraft Sea Gripen, deck version fighter JAS 39 Gripen NG, reports Jane’s. According to project manager Tony Ogilvie Sea Gripen (Tony Ogilvy), a first step in the process was carried out assessment of all available Saab technology, the results of which became clear — «Saab has the opportunity to make a deck version» Gripen.

Incarnation plan Sea Gripen will be conducted in English absolutely office Saab, which opened in September 2011. In the project are participating experts at the British company GKN Aerospace, owning experience in the creation of the aircraft for naval aviation. In the first step of designing Sea Gripen, the Swedish firm concluded that significant alterations Gripen NG will not be necessary.

The main changes will be: fortified rack mount chassis and installation of planting hook the clutch with the front landing gear of an aircraft carrier catapult wagon, also a special coating of the aircraft fuselage and main apparatus capable of defending Sea Gripen from the aggressive acts of salt water. Currently, the design allows for Gripen NG landing at a speed reduction of 4.6 meters per second. According to Saab, this parameter should increment up to 7 meters per second.

With all this Gripen NG already has such essential qualities for carrier-based fighter, not as bad maneuverability at low speeds with a wide configuration and pitch angles of inclination, the ability to accurately follow glide slope, strong power design, the protection of the main parts of the fuselage and wings of rust and excellent visibility from the cockpit. Sea Gripen, is meant to be created in 2-versions for take-off from the deck of an aircraft carrier via a catapult and a variant with short takeoff.

The fact that Saab wants to make a deck version of Gripen NG became clear in May 2011. Then it was reported that the construction of the aircraft going to require 12 to 18 months. Tests will be conducted in Linkoping in Sweden, and delivery of the first production aircraft to customers could begin in 2018. The fighter will be used on aircraft carriers with a displacement of more than 25 thousand tons.

Among the probable clients Sea Gripen Swedish company Saab include Brazil and India. Namely, in 2009, India announced a tender for the delivery of 16 carrier-based fighters (application may be increased to 40 aircraft). Saab has applied for a role in the competition. It still takes an role consortium Eurofighter, planning to do a deck version fighter Typhoon.

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