Destruction and destroy Belarus not spies, and corruption

Lady: "There must be released real reason Sukharenka resignation. Faithful servant dictator Lukashenko, may want to get the confidence of such as Kalyakin Liabedzka. And through them will be aware of all the work of the opposition movement and maintain a divisive or provocative activities. If there is no real reason for the resignation is clear Sukharenka, Teran Lukashenko has devised whether developed a very hitretsky plan. So Milinkevich and all of his assistant and collaborator need to be careful. "
Man: "For Britain, a point of honor to its logical end and just the sin of nuclear terrorism number 1, in which the prime suspect is the sire Meadow. Eel As he tries to slip out of the responsibility, referring to any recruitment, versions of which he throws chief customer at the municipal level, being the first person, without which such crimes are virtually impossible. "
Lady: "Hello," Freedom. "A few words about the village. My friend told at the meeting that the family moved to the continued residence of the town to the village. And proudly, happily said:" We agrogorodok. "Well, give her God happiness and prosperity there. But I wondered how it happened — on the farm, in the countryside, my friend did not work. answer is that her cousin — head of the kolkhoz farm assist, added a little guard, pension and her husband, a good piece of land. .. and missing. Lukashenko praises. And I realized that at the moment agrotowns — reliable voters in rural areas of the incumbent President. Maybe just for this and they were built for municipal immense. Previous electorate in rural areas go slowly and weary from the president. Only as for the earth? Who really her will work, adore her? Only the owner. But municipal policy in the countryside, apparently, is quite different. And more. I wish to give a hint to those who almost scornfully about Radio Liberty and its listeners. Comrades, you will listen and listen to our "Freedom" because of the feeling of terror that more seizes you. Very, very much like to make a mistake and think that you will listen because not all Belarusian departed from you. And more. Municipal radio and television you also, like us, do not believe. "Freedom," you harder to catch the air. You perfectly audible in the morning, but, unfortunately, most of your listeners rushing to work in the afternoon. "
Man: "Good evening, pochetaemaya" Freedom. " I’ve been listening to, as some listeners to For you said that when Shushkevich needed stand in a queue of 200 grams of butter. And who did? After all, he listens to some places. Made this power, which currently sits. They want to banish Shushkevich and Pozniak, who made us good, bright. Increased pension, it was easy, easy. And as these came and returned the Bolshevik regime. Need to chase them all, and those returned reverse — Shushkevich Pozniak and all those MPs who were then. They gave us life cancel. So he let the listener is listening to what we are against this government. "
Larissa, Minsk, "State Security Committee should work in favor of the country. You can not chase the opposition which expresses some other thoughts and bring suggestions to make the best situation in the economy and life in general. Listen to them. Should be a meeting, you must listen each other. With something to disagree, to argue, to find a way out. And it certainly can not prosecute young people who study in other countries. Give them quietly spend the holidays. No threat of them not. When completed their studies, they will make their own choice to work in their own country, or where trained. "
Student: "Very intently listening audience performances of" Freedom. "We’ve all experienced those configurations that occurred after the collapse of the USSR. Virtually unchanged yesterday was the performance of the listener. His performances are very contradictory. Want to answer. Configurations that have occurred — is not a reward 1 person. This is the reward of all our people. First as Shushkevich was difficult. I do not need his name is constantly declining. It does have its rewards. He was at the origins and the first is always difficult. Pensions in all times often paid. I retired for 20 years and get it often. For what we are dressed and shod, thank our "shuttle traders". Currently shelves crowded as said listener. But tools like annoying it may sound, is not enough, because prices are already going through the roof. With this you need to understand. "
(V0719-08) Man: "Good day.’s Local authorities have decided the town of Pinsk to 900 anniversary of our town to make reconstruction of the central square. And at one point in July 13 bulldozer dug graves 4, 4 coffin, two of which were with human skeletons. to suspend work. And July 18 scientists came from Minsk, the eminent archaeologist and his assistants, and excavated. They accused local authorities that they began to work in the old part of town, with no one consulted for earlier without asking permission, as a result This bulldozer mixed many graves, human bones, etc.. And work has been suspended and, like, a criminal case against the local authorities. I do not know. But I think this information is very exciting. old doctor scolded local officials Tipo students who do not know and do not appreciate their history and current live only funny day, well, it is not clear how they live. "
Metsyashova Sofia K., chairman businessmen Slutsk: "I would like to share with you information that a small business, which I represent, have difficulty paying according to the provisions that currently in force, and because of this people imposed huge fines. Because I ask employees RL call me due to the fact that tomorrow we go to the reception to our executive committee. Entrepreneurs announced a day of freedom for small business. I would like you to have this information. My cell phone — 3137461 ".
Lady: "Hello," Freedom. "Answer the question of the week. Lounging and destroy Belarus not spies from the West or the East, and the corruption that devours us. So why risk the life of a spy, if you can quite simply buy what he needs" .

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