Pictures of the new fighter, which resembles the F-22 «Raptor» and F-35 «Joint Strike Fighter» (Joint Strike Fighter, JSF) development «Lockheed Martin» appeared on the Chinese defense websites. Photos made at the airport of «Shenyang Aircraft» and were posted in interenete last weekend, 15-16 September.
Probable title image planes — J-21. But various defense websites indicate it differently: J-21, J-31 or F-60. In the absence of an official report title of the new aircraft difficult to install.
By analogy with the F-22 and F-35, including J-21 features a tilted dvuhkilevoe vertical tail — a distinctive feature of stealth aircraft. Some shots are widely spaced vozduhopoglotiteli by type JSF.
One difference in the most natural of the new Chinese fighter F-35 is the presence of 2-engines. Chinese experts believe that this RD-93 design company «Klimov», as used on fighter JF-17 joint development of China’s «Chengdu» and «Pakistan Aeronautical Complex.»
Also absent on the plane nozzle with thrust vector control, like the F-22 and there is no evidence of a non-long ability to takeoff and vertical landing STOVL (short take off vertical landing).
Comparing the size of J-21 truck parked next to one of the photos can be judged that the aircraft is much smaller J-20 development «Chengdu», pictures of which appeared in a similar manner at the end of 2010
Still there are two main differences 2-Chinese fighters. J-20 has a huge frontal horizontal tail, which, as they say professionals, does not comply with low ESR radar. J-21 instead of the front horizontal tail tailplane has type F-22 and F-35.
Another difference is the presence of dual aircraft nose wheel. Twin wheels are peculiar to aircraft operating from aircraft carriers, such as «Rafale» (Rafale) company «Dassault» (Dassault), Su-33 Company «Sukhoi» and F/A-18 E / F «Super Hornet» company «Lockheed Martin». Coupled with those double nosewheel equipped Chinese fighter J-10, which does not belong to decked.

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