DISCONTINUED F-22, it was a catastrophic mistake — ex-general USAF

DISCONTINUED F-22, it was a catastrophic mistake - ex-general USAF
Past Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force Michael Moseley (Michael Moseley, pictured), who left his post due to disagreements with the management of the Pentagon in 2009, as before said, that the termination of the serial production of fighter aircraft F-22 Raptor was a tragic mistake that has caused severe damage Security U.S. and its allies, reports janes.com December 5.

«This decision was the wrong strategic decision over the past 20-25 years,» said the ex-general’s own during the first post-retirement public speech in Washington (DC). In 2008, the Ministry of Defence announced the decision to finish the creation of the F-22 after the release of 187 series aircraft, then in April 2009, General Moseley left his post. Together with him retired U.S. Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne (Michael Wynne), which together with Mosley claimed that you need to have 381 F-22 to maintain advantages in the air «over enemy territory.»

December 5 Moseley said he did not regret that advocated the continued publication of this type of fighter and regretted not having fought a «more active». Ex-General also said that some U.S. allies, such as Australia, Israel, Japan and England, the full purchase F-22 to strip foreign military sales to the U.S. government. In his view, the new long contract for the creation of «Raptor» could lower the cost of the aircraft up to 85 million U.S. dollars, or even lower, which would correspond to the value of F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter.
As expected, the F-35A fighter entered service in the U.S. Air Force in 2018, by which time the price will fall to 85 million dollars, which is equivalent to 75 million dollars in 2012 prices. F-35A is designed as a multi-role fighter with an emphasis for implementation as an attack aircraft, F-22 is designed to penetrate the enemy’s air space for the destruction of enemy fighters, using a powerful radar, missile and gun board, but the U.S. Air Force have the capacity Building program from the F-22 As attack aircraft. Mosley believes that the F-22 and F-35 could act together in the airspace of the enemy, as do the preceding generation fighter F-15 and F-16.

Moseley’s successor, General Norton Schwartz (Norton Schwartz) in April 2009, co-authored with former Secretary of the U.S. Air Force Michael Donley (Michael Donley) published a paper expressed a worldview that was to connect supporters and enemies cease production F-22 and the proposed compromise amount — 243 machines, such makarom fighters would fill the gap until the merits of the initial operational capability F-35A. But senior Pentagon bureaucrats in the forthcoming issue of the analysis found that the simultaneous creation of the F-22 and F-35 would be very expensive and decided to close the production line F-22.

U.S. Air Force faced with severe pressure from then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates (Robert Gates), which has called oscillation utility F-22 for implementation in local conflicts such as in Afghanistan and Iraq, where the need for their use was missing, and the aircraft has limited ability to attack rebel formations. However, some representatives of the U.S. Air Force noted that, although the F-22 is designed to gain advantages in the air, it is in fact a multi-purpose combat aircraft with a «roadmap» for the growth potential of the «air-land».

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