Does it make more religious freedom in Belarus?

In the chapter on Belarus mentioned numerous violations of the rights of believers, are also noted positive aspects.
The U.S. State Department said that the Belarusian government declared the Constitution restricts the rights of Belarusian believers. This is reflected in the failure to register or failure to return property to religious communities, harassment of pastors and missionaries. Some of them, at the State Department, expelled from the country, some were denied visa.
The report also states that in 2007-2008 there were "cases of public violence and discrimination on religious grounds, including the innumerable facts of arson and vandalism against religious sites and cemeteries."
And that reflect the status of religious freedom in the country themselves Belarusian believers?
Sergei Lukanin have a lawyer church "New Life", which for many years can not register because there is no permission for their building. Sergei Lukanin notes that lasts artificial separation of churches on the "classic" and "non-traditional", "great" and "sects". According to the views of the believer, it is contrary to the right to freedom of confession.

"Of the various towns and villages our country there are reports that the authorities forbid whether to worship, the holy. This applies not only Protestants, and Orthodox and Catholics, particularly non-standard. Unfortunately, religious freedom yet. "
The U.S. State Department said "the expansion of municipal control" of the religious communities and the creation of artificial problems for those who not so long ago began operations. Namely, on the Krishna said: "The government continued persecution Krishnas for distributing religious literature." Member of the Hare Krishna community Sergei Malakhovskii recalled after adoption of the 2002 law on freedom of confessions community can not re-register, but at the moment there was hope for the best:
"Frame City Council not ready to give our opinion on the poor status, and the question of re-registration can venture positive. Makarom So, even with all this law from the 2002 positive results all still there."
In the State Department report mentions that in 2008 the Belarusian authorities were fined believers who gathered thousands of signatures under an appeal for configuration in said Act of 2002. The proposed configuration not been reviewed, the document says.
Priest Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church father Leonid Akulovich in This year was fined for the consecration of the cross on the site of the murder of Russian partisans ordinary people. Father Leonid says that policy in Belarus hitherto grossly interfere in religious affairs:
"The reason, of course, in the role of anti-Belarusian our government. If he had his own, Belarus, then fussed like, that was the Belarusian government is independent and is independent Orthodox Church. And then all is in line with the eastern policy of imperial policy."
The report notes that there is no information about the prisoners on religious grounds, as are some other positive facts. Namely, there is the role of local government in the history of Gomel with the reburial of the Jews, found in an old Jewish cemeteries. With all of this in a State Department report listed more than 10 of manifestations of anti-Semitism and neo-Nazis marked intensification in Belarus.

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