Dozhinki — prazdnichek booze in the construction garbage

The celebration will last a day or two, and so this event was divided into two steps: in the town are now mass celebrations with the sale of alcoholic beverages on the street one day and expect.
Alexander Lukashenko
In town guests attended the festival: the main concert venue in the city park almost agricultural workers, who took second and third places in the agricultural competition.

The main concert hall "Dozhinki": let not all

Repair work on the outskirts of not over. Courtyard school № 4 According to estimates of Orsha defenders, Oleg Grablevsky
for each of the 124 thousand orshantsev, such makarom, had for 1200 bucks budget funds.

Orshantsy fun

"Power Points" plan to make alcoholic beverages

Least of all the people in the city was a children’s park. which must had become almost the most significant object open today under "Dozhinki." It had spent 17 billion rubles. Tags:, Orsha

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