«Dry» continues to test SU-35C

Company «Sukhoi» continues municipal acceptance tests of advanced Su-35 fighters.

The plane has already made more than 650 flights under test. In the Air Force goes further 6
Su-35until the end of the year.

«Mechanical properties of the aircraft and its military capabilities, in general, the corresponding required specification,» the company said.

Su-35, kitted out with 2 117S engines with thrust vector control, connects inside the highest excellent maneuverability and the ability to conduct interaction with multiple air targets at once, using both managed and unmanaged missiles and various weapons systems.

Plane positioned as a fighter of «4 + + technology with the introduction of the fifth generation.»

Russian Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Viktor Bondarev said on Mon that mass production
Su-35could begin in 2013.

Russian Air Force plans to receive 50 Su-35s by 2015, according to different sources.

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