Duty-free shops at border crossings closed

Finish the implementation and execution of new product revenue in the duty-free stores ordered a letter signed by the head of the Customs Committee of the Municipal Shpileuski.
Fifty from duty free shops will be only two
Before July 1, around the perimeter of the Belarusian border in the direction of Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine 52 operated duty-free shop. But this week none of them worked.
This was confirmed in Brest cabinet "Bella Trading":
"Bella Trading" listens … You see, I’m not authorized to give any comments. But as for the fact of … The shops are closed, yes. "
The reasons for affirmative action none of the entrepreneurs unwilling to read — they put their trust that the decision of the customs committee can be canceled.
At least, in "Helen Valerie" that has a network of border stores, said there were no claims against them on the part of control and there was not.
According to the latest edition of the Customs Code, which entered into force on 1 July, the decision to close duty free shops can take the president and government. In addition, the licenses of companies that have duty-free shops at the border, in force until January 1 2008.
Discussion of the need to close the duty-free shops are not one year. As a result, the Committee municipal control checks revealed: through duty-free shops wholesale schemes illegal sale of alcohol and tobacco.
But first, instead of certain affirmative action directly before the closing stores were prepared adjustments: appropriate services only increased control over the movement of products through duty-free.
Economist Sergei Balykin not rule out that companies with duty-free shops, could violate individual items of legislation. But this is not an excuse to indiscriminately close all border shops.
"Consume these shops to circumvent customs fees and customs work against? Fully maybe. But here in general to see: in our country so complicated customs legislation that function without disruptions virtually impossible. And because no one is struck by the fact that he was trying to somehow get around.
Always where customs, especially Belarusian customs, will crime. The more difficult and complex legislation — tax or customs, all the same — aferav the more, the greater the crime, the temptations to circumvent it, "- says Balykin.
Border shops accused of money laundering
Back in the spring in the Presidential Administration was designed document that foresaw a substantial reduction beloved places stop those who go beyond the borders of Belarus.
From the previous fifty scheduled to throw two stores — in the State and said the airport already "Dipservice" where will be able to buy food only accredited diplomats in Belarus.
To This time Duty-free shops bowed National airport "Minsk-2", auto checkpoints and train stations. Since 1996, a presidential decree in Minsk opened a shop for foreign diplomats, which is subordinate to the Main Administration for Service diplomats and official delegations "Dipservice" Office of the President.
Workers themselves duty-free shops in the local job prospects selpo perceive negatively. So, all the staff duty free shops at the border crossing "Stone Log" comes from adjacent Oshmyan.
Head 1st of stores owned by "Bella Trading", complained that in the case of the final closure of shops people hardly able to find another job.

One reason for the closure of duty free shops was to analyze the situation, made the State Control Committee. Counted the number of people who went abroad through the border crossing points, and the amount of product sold in duty-free shops. It turned out that the average person who travels to other countries, accounting for 10 liters. alcohol (and strong drinks in such amounts can not be imported into any country). In other words, individual stores are used to purchase products and then import it back to Belarus. This violation of the law and the status of duty free shops.

• will be closed duty-free shops?, 11.04.2007

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